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St. Patrick’s Day

Probably the most un-traditional St. Patty’s Day. Nothing too grand or great, but I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday with Zach. I did run, a great and fabulous 4 miles with some killer socks. Young the Giant didn’t hurt either, I am in love with their song “My Body”. Breakfast was a familiar friend, PB on toast. I earned my greasy pizza lunch at Jersey’s Pizza. Some of the best pizza in Savannah. Zach and I aren’t going downtown to celebrate tonight only because the idea of getting stuck in a drunken crowd sounds so unappealing to me. I will happily finish up Mockingjay and watch some Saturday Night Live.

What were/are your St. Patrick’s Day plans? Anyone have a great run this morning?

I can’t wait to post about my first day of P90X tomorrow! I decided to wait until Sunday to start and have Saturdays off. I am pumped!


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