Crazy, Crazy Week

Sorry for not having any recent posts! I have close to zero time to schedule a post or let alone type it up. I’ll share why.

This week, er past 8 days have been crazy chaotic at work. We had Ron Ben-Israel teaching two separate classes and everyday was a super long 10 hours. Friday through Sunday was Extreme Flowers and Tuesday to today was the Orchid Class. But it was all fun, he is so awesome at his couture cakes and sugar flowers.

With everything going on my workouts have been non-existent. Whats even crazier is I don’t care. I haven’t missed the running or strength training. My body is not ready nor up to the challenge of doing more than it has to. I have had very little sleep and with the time change its still hard getting up at 6 (don’t hate, I am used to getting up closer to 8). I may try a little run tomorrow but most definitely it will happen Saturday. Hard to believe its been 10 days without any exercise. Its hard to believe I’ve been working for 10 days straight and my first day off is Saturday, wahoo St. Patrick’s Day! I do think kneading pounds of gumpaste can actually count as strength training.

Just noticed no pictures, so here is one to keep y’all happy.

Its here! Its here! I am way beyond pumped. I can’t start just yet, I’m waiting on one more thing to come in (which will hopefully be at my door today when I get home) and then I’m jumping right into it. Zach and I put one DVD in last night to see what its like. Holy cow. Bring it.

How is your week going? Anything exciting?


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