A Little Sunday Recap

So today I slept in (which was awesome since I was really having sleeping troubles) and got up and prepared for my run. I was pumped because I got new music to run to and the weather was much nicer than yesterday. We had tornado warnings and watches and like inches of rain. So running on Saturday was a no-go.

Well I was almost done with my run and was actually hoping to get to 4 miles. Well that sadly didn’t happen. First off, I want to say that I don’t normally use words that might offend others. Thats just who I am and I was brought up that way. Second, my run was nice and all, but challenging. The winds from all the storms was really amped today. These are not excuses but these are things that were making me really push myself to stay sane and not get negative thoughts in my head. My pace was on target, everything was going great. I was defeating the wind (24mph gusts are killer) and my run turned from this.

Pretty and calm…


Run over.

First I was pissed and furious. Then hurt. I was fighting back all bad thoughts the whole time when running, I was really trying to focus on my pace and how well I was doing for running in such hard wind. When I heard the thought I was fighting back from a stranger I was 100% done.

This guy had no right to scream this at me. He in fact was sitting with his girlfriend (who was overweight also) on the side of the sidewalk I was running on. When I noticed they weren’t going to get up, I ran in front of them. I guess I got in their way and he decided to scream at me. It took every fiber of my being to not turn around and lay it into him (in my mind I wanted to kick him in the face). Whats worse is his girlfriend was laughing at me. For what, I have no idea. I guess she’s never seen someone is actual work out clothes. Never have I come across people like this. Who laughs at someone for being healthy? Who screams “you suck” for running?!

I got home and threw everything I had on me across the house. I couldn’t hold it in. I just starting sobbing. It wouldn’t stop. Zach was about to drive up to the front of the neighborhood to find these horrible people. They made everything I’ve worked for feel like nothing.

After I calmed down and ranted on Facebook, it took my husband to talk me up again. He was right, I have ran in the toughest bridge race in the South. I have ran over 100 miles this year. I have ran overall 500+ miles within 6 months. I have done more than these people will do in their lifetime.

I don’t care if you can run a mile in 6 or 14 minutes. You can run a mile. If you’re out running for 5 minutes, you’re a runner. Don’t ever let someone talk you down from how great you really are. Running is great exercise, I love it. Its more than a habit, its a mental mind game that you can win over or lose to. Nevertheless I can overcome anything. I can mentally kick those bad thoughts (and guy) out of my head (or in his head).


4 thoughts on “A Little Sunday Recap

  1. EV says:

    OMG….I’m a first time reader and it just broke my heart to read your post.

    How dare they sit there and yell out such a rude comment! You are totally right that you’ve run more miles than that couple ever will! Kudos to you and your motivation to continue to be healthy! Kudos to your hubby for wanting to track them down and for brightening you up. You should definitely use that experience as motivation to *stick* it them when ever you go on a run…run harder and faster cause you know you can!!!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you for reading! Yes it was entirely rude and uncalled for, but you and my husband are both correct. I can run my heart out all I want and yet they will ever succeed at being healthy. Especially with a mindset like that. Thank you for the support on the post, it was the worst experience only because I felt bad for what some idiot said.

  2. MedalSlut says:

    People can be super rude, but you’re right – they’ll still be the fat ones in a month. They’re both probably just annoyed at their own laziness. 🙂 Don’t let it get to you!

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