Its March Already?

Can you believe its March? Man this year is flying by. I don’t mind, it means summer is getting closer which means warmer weather and races. Wahoo!

This week has been a busy one, work is crazy. Getting ready for Ron Ben-Israel to come next week. Yes, the Sweet Genius himself. I heart Ron. He is so nice and friendly and boy are his sugar flowers amazing.

Besides that I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels..tomorrow is my first day at Level 2. Sadly, I’m starting to notice a change in my legs in a negative way. With all this strength training I think I’m developing shin splints when I run. Is that even possible? Its the only thing I can think of that is causing the pain in my shins.

Other than those issues I’ve really been enjoying my running this week. I’ve had the most lazy miles on the planet and I love it. Take this picture for example, I just had a fabulous 3 mile run and this is how I recovered.

Yes this is me foam rolling. I was rolling out my injured calf. Very effective. I don’t know why I find this amusing. Don’t you just love the color carpet we have? Oatmeal is a fabulous color. Eventually I did get myself to foam roll the proper way, it just took some bribing. I had to bribe myself, how awful.

I then ran in the most awesome weather yesterday, what a great Leap Day.

Another fantastic 3 miles for this week. After getting attacked by gnats (the worst thing about Southern Georgia) and yummy Shot Bloks I was pleased with my time. My pace trickled from high 7’22” to a way too comfortable 11’00″(saw that and high-taled it) majority of the time at 9″40. Love. Easy pace. Once inside I guzzled my chocolate milk. I think thats why I was running so fast for the last half. I then showered and compressed. Question, do your compression socks do this?

It leaves the name on my legs! Zach finds it hilarious. I think its just weird. And my legs are always red when I take them off. It quickly goes away and yes, it happens because of the compression. Oh well.

So how did your February end? Any Leap Day fun-ness?

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