Something New-ish


So while recovering from my calf injury I was thinking about incorporating another exercise into my routine to better balance out my activity schedule. Well I’m not really into purchasing something else right now, (although when our tax refund comes back I am purchasing P90X, Katie helped me decide 100% on it) I was thinking of something I’ve done but never completed. You probably guessed what it is, I’ve tried to finish 1,000 times I feel. Problem is…I get SUPER bored and annoyed by people on DVDS. I love the workouts, and I do them without following the whole DVD.

I started Jillian Michaels again. I know. AGAIN. She and I are having issues, like last week with my running. Instead of quitting because of her, I decided to just bare it and finish it. Happy I am, I’ve already seen changes in my arms! BTW my arms are my worst body part, I’ve never had nice lean arms. They’ve been somewhat blah.

Wahoo! Yesterday was Day 7, and thought I’d hold myself accountable and post a pic so I have to finish. Yes I have to motivate myself in self-centered ways.

Nice and sweaty, how I like my workout. I love any exercise that is quick, but gives you awesome results. It is hard to incorporate strength training with running, because on a rest day I might work out and not actually rest. Thats whole another thing I’m working on.

My other reason for doing this is to see if I actually like working out every single day. I know with P90X the goal is for you to work out everyday for a hour. Somehow that doesn’t seem to fit with my upcoming half-marathon training schedule. Another great thing Katie helped me out with.

For now Jillian and I will be busting it out for the next 23 (22?) days. And yes I am super stoked to get to Level 2, I have yet to see what the workouts are and I’ve had the DVD for over a year. Fail.

I’ve asked before, and yep I’m asking again…have you tried 30 Day Shred? Did you love it or hate it?

Thoughts on P90X anyone?


6 thoughts on “Something New-ish

  1. Nikki says:

    I havne’t done P90X myself but everyone I know who does it looked FAB! It’s just too hard for me to workout at home, too many excuses to get out of it.

    • Brooke says:

      I’m normally like that, but I just too bored too quickly and thats why I run majority of the time for my workouts. But I’ve always wanted to try it. I just need to see for myself.

  2. Britt says:

    I used to do P90x faithfully, but law school took away all of my time!! Now I do BodyRock; it’s free, it’s quick, and I work ridiculously hard.

      • Britt says:

        It really depends on the time I have that day. I still love to P90x and run on the weekends when time allows, but for a fast, heart-pumping 20 minute workout, BodyRock can’t be beat. I’m usually pretty sore the next day as well lol. P90x is great for a dedicated work-out plan, I followed him for about a year and saw great results. I’d start to memorize the work-outs and try to do them without the video after awhile. Let us know which you like better!

      • Brooke says:

        Generally I like a quicker workout, just because I like to get it over with. But the results from P90X (that I’ve seen and heard from friends) is what I want. I will keep yall updated!

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