Finally On The Bandwagon

So this week I finally broke down and got The Hunger Games’ books. I’m not sure what came over me to actually purchase them, but I now get why everyone loves the series. I remember going through this with The Twilight Saga and being late on the game, so I’m not really surprised its taken me this long to read the books everyone is talking about. Honestly, its because the movie is coming out. Thats what got me to read Twilight for the first time, the movie was soon coming out and I didn’t want to be out of the loop. Yes, I’m that girl thats gotta be in the scoop at the water cooler.

Yes, that is my candy holding down the book. I love the red Jujy Fruits. Now I’ve only gotten through the first book, The Hunger Games and holy moly its intense! Its crazy to me on how “America” aka Panem is described. So futuristic, like our world today is 100% gone and there is a game that is focused on young teens and adults to kill off one another. Its Survivor meets Mad Max.

This book has consumed by nights and I haven’t really watched one of my shows. I did watch Biggest Loser though, by the way I am thrilled Daphne is gone, like overjoyed. Oh and The Bachelor, so Monday and Tuesday I did manage to pull myself away from the book and watch trashy TV. And who else wants Courtney to go home? I was upset that Kacie B was sent packing, she was my favorite and the only normal one. Nope Crazy Courtney is still there. I cringe when she speaks and completely dry heave when she smiles.

Back to the book, I love it. Why are books intended for young adults so appealing to actual adults? Its such a guilty pleasure like chocolate and wine.

Sometime soon I’ll have a running update, my runs this week have been lackluster. Just simple miles.

Who else has read the books? What made you decide to finally read them?


8 thoughts on “Finally On The Bandwagon”

  1. I was late to the bandwagon as well, but I’m about to finish the 3rd one! They’re so addicting! I can’t wait for the movies!!

    1. I can’t wait to start the second one, then get the third. But I can’t wait for the movie! I kinda like waiting till the trailers come out so I can picture the characters a little better.

  2. I’m late on this trend too – I just started reading the first book today at lunch! In 30 minutes, I made it through the first 6 chapters and I can say I think I’m hooked!

  3. these books are just great, i read them 1 1/2 years ago for the first time, and a few times again since then. i just turned into some crazy freak when i first saw that there’s going to be a movie and ran to all my friends: hey, you must read this.. 🙂 that’s what i call a real hunger games addict 😉
    have a lot of fun reading book 2 + 3


    1. I can’t wait to finish the trilogy! I’m so excited, but I’m trying to hold back and read a little slower so it all doesn’t end too fast and then I’m sad. LOL!

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