Another Fantastic Weekend

Saturday was the best weekend of the year, hands down. I don’t even know where to begin. Well yeah, I do but I’m so excited that I want to share it all at the same time. I got up super early to head north, like 6:40 and driving by 7:30. I grabbed a quick breakfast and coffee and settled in for a 4 hour drive.

Heading north only means one thing for Zach and I, seeing family. This trip I was solo, but still had a great time. I saw my favorite skyline.

Forever I love Atlanta.

After getting through downtown I was heading towards Marietta for my Granny’s 80th birthday party lunch. It was so fun! A lot of family members showed up and she thought no one was coming. I even brought the cake. Thats not much of a surprise I guess. It was very pretty, I had fun making it. Nothing like a gold magnolia to brighten a cake.

After two people hit the poor cake with their purses, we ate and finally cut that thing. I was dying for a piece. But of course, you gotta blow out some candles on your birthday. Thankfully we didn’t have 80 candles, that would of melted the cake down šŸ˜‰

After birthday festivities at the casa it was time for another huge event.

I got to meet Landon Carter. My cousin/BFF Brittney’s son, whom I call my nephew because you best believe I’m an Aunt Brooke. But anyway I was pretty much the last person to see him (well and Zach hasn’t met him) but I was more excited than anything else. I could not wait. My mom and I went over to her apartment and there he was, just sleeping away. Immediately he was picked up and placed in my arms where he stayed for more than 3 hours.

While he was sleeping, he started smiling. Brittney and I were so excited. AJ (her fiance) said he just started to smile and when I got a big one, my heart was melted. It was the best toothless-gummy smile on the planet. We alternated positions so he could stretch and grunt which of course was super cute and I ooh-ed over everything. Eventually we needed this way.

I fell in love with him, hard. I could of been this way all day, even when I showed Zach he smiled. Landon is the best baby I’ve ever been around (and I worked in a daycare). He slept the whole time until he got hungry, but even ate in his sleep..such a man. I was dying though, I wanted to see his eyes so bad. I love my sleeping Landon, but I wanted an awake Landon too. Even my Grandmama hasn’t seen him with his eyes open. Well, guess what?! Aunt Brooke got her wish.

GAH! I loves him. Brittney and AJ are such good parents. Brittney and I used to play mommy with our Lee Middleton dolls and she was always a good mommy then. Now, she is the best mom. Landon is in a very loving family. Plus he is the FIRST boy grandbaby in our family. My Granddaddy now has a great-grandson because he was only granddaughters (8 of us, I being the 2nd eldest and Brittney the 1st). I’m sure all of us will have boys. How funny would that be?

After my baby-bonding-wonderful-I-didn’t-want-to-leave-time I was hungry. Brittney recommended the new burger place and my mom wanted to try it too. So next we headed to smashburger. Big brownie points to Britt, it was awesome!

This was the Atlanta burger. I know it had peach BBQ sauce and coleslaw. With a side of fried pickles (oh the joy of being Southern) it was the best burger. I loved it. Highly recommend it in the Kennesaw area. It was such a great way to end my trip. One of the best perks is seeing my mom, I miss her so muchā€¦all the time.

My mom is pretty much my best friend. We’ve always been close. She’s shaped me into the women I am today. She is funny, smart, and beautiful. We ended the trip officially on Sunday with a stop to my Aunt Denise’s house (my dad’s sister, she and my mom were always close) and then over to my other grandparents house.

The problem with going up is having to leave. I cry. Every time. I just love my family so much and still being 4 hours away is hard. I get really quiet in the car when Zach is with me, then hitting I-285 or I-75 I start to cry. Today it took 2 seconds this time. I called Zach crying already blabbering about missing my mom. But I’m thankful for every trip. It always just feels good to head home.

So that was my fantastic weekend. Such a great way to spend a Saturday and Sunday.

How was your weekend?


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