Our Most Perfect Valentine’s Day

Celebrating a holiday in your first year of marriage is kinda fun. Zach and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Love was definitely in the air.

I was out all day helping with flower deliveries, and man was there TONS of women getting flowers. Over 200 deliveries in all. I couldn’t stay all day, I had a cake to get home to. I needed to put the whole thing together, because cakes don’t do it themselves (thank goodness because I’d be out of a job). I baked a red velvet for my Valentine. I can’t say no to the hubby, unless its totally ridiculous. Well the cake turned out fabulous to be done in 25 minutes, which included making the frosting. I wanted to surprise Zach.

So I love the turnout. Everything was on hand, those pink flowers were made from last August (tried them out on my bridal shower cake), that “i heart u” topper? I made it last year when living in Orlando. It was on our cake from last year, yes it too was red velvet. I love it. Any time I can get creative with a cake I’m totally on broad. Its my true passion.

We exchanged gifts, BTW I made Zach a CD with the songs from Drive. He loved the movie, and commented on the soundtrack so I got on iTunes and viola, gift he loved. I wrote him an old school love letter, he loved it and got a husband card. I got my first wife card! I love it, and he got my car detailed. Simple things make me happy.

After we gave each other gifts, it was time to get ready and head downtown. We had reservations at Rocks On the River at the Bohemian.

We got our usual appetizer, chicken and waffle sliders. But this time, they were different. They changed the waffle medallions and got rid of the pepper jelly. Zach was a little disappointed, but we still ate them anyway.

Here’s a happy man about to get his steak. You would think having dinner with me would be enough, but you gotta throw a filet mignon in there too. (I’m totally kidding, Zach was happy to be my Valentine)

Aw, we are so cute. Such a happy couple, I’m one lucky lady. The couple next to us was on their first date. Zach and I talked about our first date and where we are now. Now, lets talk about the good!

I got the plank roasted Florida mahi mahi, roasted and pureed winter squashes that tasted of sweet potatoes, and perfect asparagus. The fish was ok, but my sides were my favorite. I loved the vegetables.

Zach got this delicious filet and truffle fries. I kept asking for fries.

Needless to say, he enjoyed his meal. Can you blame him? I wanted that filet mignon, but wasn’t craving steak. I decided the next time we eat here all I want is those fries and she crab soup.

Dinner was fun, we really enjoyed our evening. It was fun to go out and celebrate.

On the way home, we got a little treat. A local karate place was hosting a class and they had a video playing. We watched the whole time waiting for the light. Its just one of the joys of living in Savannah. You never know what you will come across.

How did your Valentines Day go?

Did you go out for dinner or stay in?

Any special gifts from your hunny?


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