Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day or your worst favorite day of the year, whichever you prefer 😉

So today I’m not at the bakery, instead I’m delivering flowers for some loved peeps. I helped yesterday too, and it was really fun. Its funny, when you work in the wedding industry you get asked to do some random jobs and I always find myself saying yes.

Tonight Zach and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants here in Savannah, Rocks On the River. Its underneath the Bohemian Hotel (super chic hotel) and sits right on the cobblestone looking out on the Savannah River.

Needless to say I love River Street, I mean hello Wet Willies and the Savannah Candy Store. Savannah is a pretty sweet town, you can take your drinks out from the restaurant.

I also got Zach his first husband card (I’m such a dork, I know) and I love it. I also wrote him an old school love letter in the shape of a heart that folds into an envelope. I made his gift, its something he’ll love or at least I keep thinking so. I already know my gift, my car got super clean at the dealership and my dinner. All I wanted was a card that has wife on it. Seriously, thats all I asked for because I just ordered The Hunger Games. I’ve finally on this bandwagon, and Barnes & Noble was having a great deal, buy on Hunger Games and get the second 50% off. Score! In total I got the first 2 books for less than $15 🙂 so frugal over here.

I’ll have more deets tomorrow, like pictures from our romantic dinner oh and the cake I baked for my husband. He requested my red velvet so I had to make him, gotta make him happy you know.

Happy Valentines Day!


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