CrossFit Kicked My …

Happy Sunday!

So yesterday was my first CrossFit class. Holy moly it was one of the toughest thing I’ve ever done! It was quick 20 minute session. Yes 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot. Well buddy, let me tell you what I did within that 20 minutes. It was a AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) and MOB (mobility) session. Sounded easy…until I found out it included 10 minutes of each exercise they wanted us to do. The first exercise? Burpees, my least favorite thing on the planet. Ugh. I did 60 burpees! 60! 6-0 and wanted to kick myself. Second exercise? Mountain climbers. It was 20 seconds of mountain climbers, rest 10 seconds. Repeated this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise. The last 6 minutes were stretching. Hardcore stretching. I pulled my hip flexor, its fine now but I couldn’t get out of downward dog because the pain was so intense.

Big question is will I do it again? More than likely no. Why? I didn’t really like it. This type of exercise isn’t for me, I just couldn’t get connected. The whole thing felt like a struggle, like I had to keep talking myself into getting into it. Was I bored? A little. I’d rather do more exercises in 20 minutes than 2. I know the WOD changes everyday. Yesterday was just a short day I guess.

I do like the idea of what they are trying to get across, and there were a lot of people doing it yesterday and I could see some people who LOVED CrossFit. When I told them I run, I got a lot of responses like, “oh you might get tighter in the hips” or “you’ll be having lead legs for a while.” I don’t want to feel tired in the legs!

But the workout totally kicked my butt. For reals. I’m sore and legs are jello. Awesome.

Oh and I ran for Sherry Arnold before the workout, probably not the best plan but I’m glad I did. It was important to me, and a lot of people around the world were doing the same thing. A good 3 miles in remembrance for Sherry.

Not my best picture, I had been up for 2 minutes.

Who likes CrossFit? What’s your least favorite exercise? Mine is burpees.

Who else ran for Sherry?


2 thoughts on “CrossFit Kicked My …

  1. ashrowell says:

    I’ve never tried crossfit, sounds intense!! I think I might like to try it one day to see what the hype is about. And yep, I agree, don’t like burpees. I feel stronger after doing them though.

    • Brooke says:

      I do think everyone should try it, it was super intense and I’m happy I tried…but now I know its not for me 😉 but oh my I hate those burpees. I just get more mad after each one LOL.

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