Tape For Legs

What a weird title, no? Well thats what I have to do now every time I run. I have to tape up my whole left calf in order for it to be stable. Ok not literally tape up the whole calf, but have a tape going up my whole calf…in one line. I look like a total goober.

I ran with it for the first time and didn’t feel a difference so the next run I opted out on the tape, oh my gosh my leg was dying. I didn’t realize how weak my left calf is still. I thought I was doing fine and I guess with it still being freshly active its not strong like my right one.

Well I figured I’d show you what tape I use and how I do it in case you were interested and wanted to tape your leg yourself. Don’t lie you totally want to 🙂

First, get your tape. I was told high-grade medical tape was the best and it just so happens my physical therapist sold that kind of tape! Go figure.

After you get your tape, figure out the length you’ll be using. I use 7 squares, the squares are on the back of the tape.

You peel off the backing, like a giant band-aid and then place the first square and a half under your heel. Once its secured, gently stretch and pull the tape to 50% of its strength, you’ll feel the stretch. Once its where you want the elasticity, press the remainder on your leg.

Viola, you are done. The tape stays on if your leg is clean and un-lotioned. The support of the tape makes a huge difference in my leg. The only downside is when you sweat a lot, the lower half starts to come off around the heel and it gets super annoying during a good run. Other than that, I love it.

But you will look super goofy 🙂

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