Virtual Run For Sherry Arnold

So last night I was reading my favorite blogs and on SkinnyRunner she posted about some races she just signed up for. The one that stood out (besides the hot chocolate run, umm chocolate and running?!) was the virtual run. A virtual run is where a person or organization is holding a free run/race on a weekend and you just sign up and run whatever distance the race is or what you feel like running.

Well on February 11 at 9am there is a run being held for the late Sherry Arnold. Her story has been on the national news at the beginning of January. Her story is tragic, an avid runner set out on her usual morning run and was never seen again. Only her Brooks shoe was found. In honor of her, her cousin is hosting the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold.

Printable race bib

If you are a runner, please join in on this virtual run! And visit her site to read the full story. Its eye-opening on run safety. But the heart of the story is her family trying to raise awareness and carry on Sherry’s love for running.

Again, visit here and print out your Sherry bib. The run is February 11, 2012 at 9 am. I will be doing a 5K in memory of Sherry Arnold.


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