My Problem With Pinterest

I’m sure many of you have an account with Pinterest. Its only the hottest site right now and people are pinning away. My favorite things to pin are in fact fitness and food related. Some things just go hand in hand. But although they are plenty of great workout tips and images to healthy motivation, there are more images of half-naked girls posing in panties and flaunting stick thin bodies claiming “motivation”. I’m really getting sick of it. Its clearly sending the wrong image for what a healthy body looks like and what real motivation is.

I’m not hating on these women, I’m simple stating the obvious. People are too consumed with being skinny then healthy. Having a properly healthy body is more important that having a size zero tag on your jeans. I’m not saying all thin women aren’t healthy, but the ones on Pinterest are just models practically naked holding a weight. Yes, I clearly call that motivation to get off my couch and head straight to the gym.

photo source

Sorry Karl, but please state why fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight? REALLY?! How about changing your lifestyle to incorporate more natural foods, foods not processed, and exercising to lose weight to have better overall health. Living a better life is the healthiest motivation.

photo source

Yes she totally makes me what to get to the gym. Plus I guess I will have to wear that much eye make-up while working out so I look natural.

photo source

I rest my case. Unrealistic images for real motivation. I understand these are models, but the way people are pinning them is like they will reach that image in real life. What does a real, healthy body look like then? It seems to be lost in the sea of overly tan, thin models.

You want an image of strong women, one where they are “normal” and not faking an exercise that claims to firm your butt ASAP! Its just a little sad to see women having broads with Inspiration and pictures of half naked women with the thinnest bodies around with words like, “how to skinny fast” or “the skinny girls diet”, seriously who is going to substitute meals with water and lemon? Not me. There are plenty of pictures of healthy women with real healthy bodies on Pinterest, just not as many as the ones posted above. And there are real motivational messages you can find this like one,

photo source

or this image of the Nike training girls. These women actually work out!

photo source

So there you go. Again, I’m not hating all thin women, trust me I know girls who work out and have killer bodies. I even ran a 10K with one of them. It is reachable to get a healthy body with the right mindset and real motivation. No one should want to lose weight because of fashion, they should want to lose the weight they need to in order to live a healthy, long life. If you commit to eating the right foods and exercising, you will lose weight and look amazing. Your body will thank you in the long run.

4 thoughts on “My Problem With Pinterest

  1. Corrie @ Gingerly Homemaking says:

    I love this! I recently started working out, and when people find that out their first comment is always “Why? You don’t need to lose weight!”. Argh. That kills me. Since when did “I want to be fit and healthy” translate into “I want to be really skinny”? As for the Pinterest pins, I can never figure out how orange skin and the ability to count a woman’s ribs is motivating!

    My motivation is to be in great shape one day when it comes time to chase grandkids (ha!)… I’d rather be able to chase down a runaway soccer ball or reign supreme at an 8 year old’s game of tag than be frail-boned or perpetually short of breath.

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you! I was worried it would come off as offensive, but I strongly feel people are getting the wrong message when it comes to fitness and health. You are exactly right, when people hear you say you’re heading to the gym or you just started a new fitness routine they automatically assume its to lose weight. Exercising to be healthy is being lost in our society and being exchanged for being skinny and thin.

      But thats good motivation! Being able to chase family around is a good image to maintain motivation, and that is healthy motivation!

  2. Nikki says:

    Hi Brooke, I’m a new reader and I found you through Ms. Bri at Recipe for a Beautiful Life. I’m with you on the Pinterest images about working out – I actually had this exact convo with a friend last night. I’m not going to look like these super skinny models no matter how much I work out. I agree that we should be more focused on healthy vs. skinny.
    Glad I found you! 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Thats wonderful, I’m getting a lot of good feedback from my friends about this subject. You know at first the images were of healthy, strong women leading to a workout. But now its all skinny women and people saying, “Oh! I want to look like that!” No thank you, I’d prefer to be healthy 🙂 and thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll keep reading!

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