The End to 21 Days of Yoga

My friends the 21 Day Yoga Challenge has come to a close.  Can’t believe it! Who all did it too? I’m curious to find out if you all really stuck with the full schedule 😉

Did I? No. The last week was really tough, the beginning of the week was a little hard. My leg was bothering me and the thought of stretching was a no go. Even my physical therapist warned me to back off of it for a couple of days. I’m so glad I did.

I picked back up on Wednesday and did a home practice. Only 20 minutes and it was hard to get through. Only because I was tired after spinning. My mind was not focused, instead I thought of things like, “how can I get a spin bike before Christmas?” to “I bet Craigslist has some on there.” Yeah zero yogi thoughts. But Thursday and Friday I focused on Sun Salutations and it felts amazing. Saturday was all about a tempted run. Yes I ran/walked and it felt glorious! ZERO PAIN for 2.3 miles, then ran a full mile. I was scared to try, but I am so happy I did. After my short run I came home and did pigeon, triangle, pyramid, happy baby, and twisted crescent lunge for 5 breathes each. All deep stretches after my body was fully warmed up.

Sunday I finished with a wonderful 20 Sun Salutation A’s and dedicated each one to someone I love and something I was thankful for. My final Sun Salutation was being thankful for getting through this injury and journey of finding a new love for yoga and spinning and overcoming physical defeats.

How did your journey go? Did you find a new love for yoga?


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