My Starting Over Run

So Saturday I was feeling ambitious, like I had zero pain and was dying to run. So I tried. And succeeded.

Beautiful day for a run

I was told to take it easy, like extremely easy. Guess who started C25K?! Yes me! I was told by my physical therapist that to ensure a full recovery and not to lose my endurance I would have to start from scratch. So I started Week 1, Day 1 and ran/walked for 20 minutes. I got 2.3 miles done.

2 miles!

(Yes, check out of awesome photography skills!) My run was not bad, but not great either. But thats not what mattered. What mattered was trying to run without pain. I wasn’t going for anything, seriously. I didn’t care about my time or distance, just running without pain. It worked. My time went by so fast that when I was finished I figured hey, run again. This time I was focusing on my distance. One mile. Good thing I was prepared with my compression socks, also told I had to wear them when running to ensure adequate blood flow to my injured muscle.

I was half way through thinking, holy cow I am flying! I tried following Runner’s World’s advice by only using 50% of my energy and it actually helped. When I got to .6 I slowed down and tried to add 30 seconds to a 1 minute on my pace. The run felt awesome. In total I managed to run/walk past a 5K, with a full running mile.

Did you start running with a program? Have you ever had to start over a training program like C25K?

I am willing to do whatever I have to. I don’t care about going slow to start off, I want to run forever and not be stuck with an injury again.


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