My New Love

Happy Saturday! Today would be the last post on the 21 Day Yoga Challenge, but that ends tomorrow so I figured I’d wait till Monday.

So there is an activity that I was introduced to this week. Spinning.

Why am I so late in the game on this one?! I love spinning! My first day I did 5 miles, loved it and felt ZERO pain in my calf. The 15 minutes flew by, I wanted more..but figured don’t overdue it. Thursday I did another 5 miles, but tried a higher level. Felt more intense and the burn was insane! Friday I did a total for 5.9 miles, in 2 different  sequences. My first one was cut short because the machine cut off after I paused for too long, I only got a mile in (Zach sent me a text, I had to respond) so I started another 15 minute one and got in 4.9 miles.

I am now begging my husband for one. Seriously begging. But see Zach would agree to this more than a treadmill. Zach used to race BMX professionally so he knows all the ends and outs about a spin bike. The man (er, boy?) would spin about 15-20 miles EVERYDAY, majority out of the saddle. Yeah.

So I’m obsessed. The spin bike is now my favorite cross-training exercise. I will never part from it. I must find a way to attend a gym, even though I have no money after paying school loans I will find a way to pay for a gym membership. I can’t part ways from that glorious machine yet. The thought of a breakup is heartbreaking.

Since Wednesday I’ve felt next to nothing on the pain scale of my calf. It feels weird and awkward to have no pain. I know that didn’t make any sense, but when you’re constantly in pain from an injury and one day out of the blue its gone, its a little weird to go on like a normal person. Yes, I am not normal. But thats great news! It means I can run SOON. I am having withdraws bad people. I’m counting down the days till I can run again. I’ve got one more race added to my schedule. The 13.1 Atlanta Half Marathon in October. Just more motivation to kick butt on the pavement.

So do you love spinning? Whats your favorite cross-training exercise?

4 thoughts on “My New Love

    • Brooke says:

      That would be awesome! You’d be able to read all your favorite blogs. Yes that spin bike is insane, you can follow a class privately. I am in love with spinning!

    • Brooke says:

      I love it too! I have been increasing my distance and time and I still get amped about going. Thankfully there is hardly ever near them so every time I go they are open 🙂 wahoo!

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