My Weekend in 2 Photos

My weekend was started with a lingerie bridal shower that lead to the bachelorette party downtown. To say my Friday night was interesting is an understatement. We went to Club One. If you’ve seen “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” than you know of Lady Chablis. Lets say if she is the standup at this bar, then you know who comes here to dance and club. We attended the drag queen cabaret show.  We had so much fun dancing! We danced our hearts out till 2 and left. I didn’t get home till 3, and I can’t remember the last time I was up that late.

Next on Saturday I had a doctors appointment with a new physical therapist who I liked a lot better. He actually asked questions that could of lead to my severe muscle strain, like those evil Mizunos. But after a good diagnosis and a follow up on Monday we left and went to get pizza. While waiting we went to CVS and I found this.

A 1 pound bar of Snickers! I wanted it so bad, but I’m not shelling out $10 just yet. Zach was more in love with it than me, I was trying to hint to him to buy it. He never caved. Men, eh. The slice and share Snickers, yeah right I’d eat that baby all by myself. But we didn’t leave empty handed, I got some peach o’s and he got sour Jelly Belly’s. My candy is gone boo. Should of got the mammoth candy bar. So then Saturday night was my first Team FCA Endurance meeting and it was a kick-start party for the year. I am so pumped! To race with fellow members who compete for Christ is huge and I am so happy to be a part of it. I even got my first race tee!

So what was your weekend like? Crazy as mine?

Are you part of a race team?

Team FCA Endurance is a nationwide ministry that hosts triathlons and races. Also people who are members will race together and we set up booths to ask “why do you race?” Our answer is simple: “for Christ.”


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