Hitting The Mat Week 2

I forgot to write up a post about my second week of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge! Well it was the same old schedule and some missed days. My new diagnosis of calf muscle strain held me back on some days. Let’s start off with Monday, mmk?

Monday I did the Power Hour again at 8am. Loved it. Tuesday I did the 4pm community power hour and it was less crowed so I got some personal help from the instructor. I started to notice an increase of pain after doing Monday’s and Tuesday’s classes so I backed off of it for Wednesday. I decided to do a double at home session on Thursday and that was a bust. My morning practice felt so good and I was energetic for work. But mid-day I was in so much pain. Advil wasn’t evening helping. So when I got home I didn’t do a darn thing, except ice my leg. Friday was the same thing, trying a double practice. Well knowing I was going out Friday night I would have to slip in a  quick 10 minute practice and try a another 10 minute one when I got home from work. I started out Friday morning with just some sun salutations and after the 3rd one my left leg was unstable.

Saturday when I saw the new physical therapist he gave me some new stretches to try over the weekend until I see him tomorrow. I mentioned my yoga practice and I was warned that severity of stretching is actually too much. I was told to hold off on yoga.

Yep. I was pissed. And I still am. I have gone Saturday and today without yoga. And I understand why I can’t do it, but I’m like, “hello?! I have a challenge to complete!” Well that challenge is going to be put on hold. Boo. I am so bummed. This injury has to get better and rest days are a necessity to get better for running. So I will hold off, and I will try to complete the challenge with 21 non-consectuative days. That works for both me and my physical therapist. Yay!

Sun Salutation A

So I can try sun salutations which are my favorite and thats ok with me, besides it not too harsh on the legs and I find it to help with mind and body. Sun salutation b though, not so much..thats a lot of leg balances with warrior 1 and 2 and crescent lunge. Nope, too much strain on the muscle.

BTW! I am currently having the most intense muscle spasm on my left quad right now and its starting to make me sick, I hate muscle spasms. Do you like them or hate them? They make me nauseous after a while.

How are you doing on the 21 day challenge?


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