Reader Question: What Gear Do You Run In? & First Video Post

Hello readers!

Who watched the Olympic Marathon Trials? Wasn’t it amazing?! I couldn’t believe the women I was cheering for actually made it. I knew Kara Goucher would, and I quickly cheered on Shalane Flanagan at the last minute. Wahoo! Ryan Hall and Meb were also great! Can’t wait for the London Olympic Marathon!

So last week I had a reader email me about what gear I use. I replied, and figured it would be beneficial to those who might not know and decided to bit the bullet and man up to do a video post.

Heaven help me.

Please forgive me for losing my focus, I thought I heard something outside. Anyway, hope it helped and it was terrifying doing my first video!

Running shoes: Nike LunarGlide +3, ASICS Gel Nimbus 12..UPDATE! I returned my Mizuno’s on Saturday and got refitted at Fleet Feet. I will share the new addition later on! But I LOVE THEM! I only ran 5 minutes (the only time I’m allowed) to test them and felt an immediate difference. Found out something interesting, I overpronate on my right foot. My left foot is completely neutral. I’m officially weird.

Mis.: Spi belt, foam roller, BIC band, iPhone athletic carrying case

Clothes: Dri-Fit, moisture wicking away anything including tops and bottoms

So that is my gear, excluding the Mizuno’s. I’m not bashing them, those shoes just weren’t right for me. Anyway, email me any more questions about running or yoga or whatever crosses your mind that I might be able to help you with.

Happy MLK Day!


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