Hitting The Mat

Guten tag! Gerne Samstag! Hello! Happy Saturday!

Rosetta Stone working its magic.

Well I must say this week has FLOWN by. Seriously, where did the time go? I’ve been enjoying everyday way too much probably. I have a legit reason, I’ve been sticking to my 21 Day Challenge and the transformation in just 6 days has been amazing.

I’ve decided not to do my yoga at home except on Saturday and Sunday. Also a local studio that I’ve been dying to try was/is offering a perfect 3 weeks of yoga for $30. Um hello frugal finds! That 3 weeks just happens to be the length of my challenge so I definitely took the chance and grabbed it. Its a Power Yoga studio that offers 8 different classes and I’m going to try all except for the one designed for those beautifully aged over 55.

There are:

1. Community Classes: These classes are designed to support the community in three ways (1) lower prices make yoga accessible to everyone (2) apprentice teachers get a chance to learn the trade through hands-on experience (3) all profits support local and global charities. 

2. Power Basics: This class will teach you the fundamental poses and breathing techniques used in all of our power yoga classes. If you are new to the practice, looking to fine-tune some of your poses, and/or you want a slower paced flow.

3. Power Hour: In just one hour you will stretch your muscles, build strength, find your balance, open your hips, get upside down and enjoy some stillness. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

4Power Max: If you are looking for a practice that will challenge you physically and mentally, this is the class for you. These 75-90 minutes classes will stretch and strengthen your body, and cultivate balance. You will be wrung out and then juiced back up, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

5. Power Up/Power Down: In this class you will find stillness in power, then experience the power in stillness. The first 60 minutes of class you’ll burn off some steam in a a vigorous power flow practice similar to our power hour class. The last 30 minutes you’ll slow down and enjoy some deep stretching and restorative poses designed to open the body, release tension, and quiet the mind. You will leave feeling strengthened, lengthened, centered and restored.

6. Power Level II: This 90 minute class will take your practice to the next level! We will strengthen and stretch just like we do in our power max classes, but will also have the opportunity to explore challenging poses more deeply such as arm balances and inversions. The instructor for this class rotates, so you get to experience different perspectives of a Master Power class each week! Experienced yogis only (what does that mean? you’ve taken 10 or more classes and want a challenge!)

7. Silver Power: Those over age 55. I’m excluded.

8. Mindfulness Meditation: This Mindfulness Meditation class teaches a stress reduction meditation based predominately on Jon Kabot Zinn’s MBSR Programs, Herbert Benson’s research on the Relaxation Response, and the Soto Zen practice. You will get instruction in the technique, a specific time for practice, and there will be time for questions and discussion. Blankets and blocks are available for sitting. Please feel free to bring your own sitting cushion.

*All information above is from Savannah Power Yoga’s website.

So the classes I’ve tackled this week were basically Power Basics and Power Hour. I started it all off with Power Hour, and I’m not gonna lie I thought it was Power Basics because thats what the schedule said. When I arrived it was packed, and the instructor goes, “everybody ready for basics?” And seriously, everyone BUT me goes, “what? its Power Hour..” so we did Power Hour and I loved it.

My schedule was this:

  • Monday: Power Hour
  • Tuesday: Community Power Hour
  • Wednesday: Power Basics
  • Thursday: Power Basics with Kate Taylor*
  • Friday: Home practice
  • Saturday: Power Basics

I wasn’t going to do two Power Basics classes back-to-back, but when I saw Kate Taylor was teaching I knew I had to go. Kate Taylor is Georgia’s only Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher. Thats HUGE.

Next week I’m going to venture off more into Power Hour and Power Max, because the Power Basics are in fact basics. I feel I’ve learned enough in those to help me carry out the practice. I look forward to Power Level II! Only  5 more classes to go!

Tomorrow I’ll be practicing at home with either a DVD or free flow which I personally like. Give me Sun Salutations and I’ll be a happy camper. Or I might try another Podcast like I did yesterday.

Are you doing the 21 Day Yoga Challenge? If not, its not too late! Sign up now!


2 thoughts on “Hitting The Mat”

  1. There is a studio in my home town that has the 3 weeks for 30 bucks too. I am so excited to try it. I love yoga and especially love doing it in a studio with an instructor. I find it so much more beneficial and relaxing. I just don’t get the same zen affects when I do yoga at home. I have never tried a 21 day challenge but that sounds pretty interesting and something I would definitely like to do.

    1. I agree! I love yoga at the studio, at home I tend to slack off. But yes since I’m not running currently, yoga has been a blessing. I’m stretching my body in a positive way and strengthening up muscles that are weak. Yoga is super beneficial!

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