New Year, New Yoga and 21 Day Challenge Part Deux

Yes 2012 is starting off to be a great year. I’m relaxed and ready to tackle some fitness goals. One is to complete the 21 Day Yoga Challenge..again. Yes I tried to start and finish once before, but sadly only did like 17 days.

This year is not going to have any failures. Period. So I signed up ready for some sweaty yoga goodness. Yoga Journal is putting on the challenge. It starts January 9 (tomorrow!) and I’m like a giddy child. I keep waiting to start my practice and intermix with some running. That combination just works and I love it.

Speaking of running, I’ve been feeling blah on my runs. I’m finding myself run/walk-ing more and theres nothing wrong with it, its just I’m getting bored. I focus on 1,000 different things like drinking my chocolate milk when I’m done, when do I really need to wash these running tights, or I really want a hot dog. Yep thoughts like that keep me from enjoying my morning runs. Hopefully the yoga will calm my mind and allow me to focus on ONE thing not a BILLION!

And friends, yesterday during my run I injured myself once again. This time its bad. Like lets just say when I put pressure on my right foot and ankle, my ankle wants to give out. On top of that, my medial calf muscle also wants to give out. I have NO IDEA what I’ve done! So no running for a couple of days and plenty of time is my compression socks.

Also my local Bikram yoga studio is starting their 60 Day Challenge on January 17 and I might attend some classes to count as my  21 challenge, but holy cow 60 straight days of hot yoga? I might die in the first week. I love Bikram yoga, fully adore it and its my favorite practice. But I couldn’t imagine the intense heat everyday for 2 months. Maybe next year 🙂

So does anyone have any challenges they are signing up for? Any good ones I should know of?

I’ll keep you updated every weekend, that counts as 7 days so 3 weeks of updates! Do it too! Sign up here.

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