You May Have a Problem When…

Your entire week is about running.

Yep, I can say that everyday involved running in some particular way, which probably isn’t normal. Can you say obsessed?

It went from running in good temperatures, to a frozen body run, getting running gifts, trying out new shoes, talking about running shoes with a friend, and then more running. WOW.

Monday, after my long run it was a recovery session:

Then it was a super cold run on Wednesday, which you can read all about here.

Thursday I got a gift in the mail! Wahoo!

Zach goes, “how much do you have to spend to get $25?” I whispered, “$250”..shortly after he told me I couldn’t go back for awhile. Boo.

Then Friday was all about trying to run again in the cold, this time a warm 34° in my NEW Lululemon jacket I got Thursday 🙂 it finally came in after a week being ordered.

Thats me at 7am freshly rolled out of my warm bed. I am a stunner, I tell you. Bleh.

But I LOVE my jacket! I wasn’t cold the entire time, just my hands but when I took a walk break, I put them in my pockets and they warmed up from my body heat..pretty amazing. Plus, its purple. That bright orange thing is my tech tee, I will so post a picture of how bright it truly is. It burns the eyes!

Later on during Friday, I got this text from my dear friend Brittney:

Yes that was indeed a text that would of been random to any other person, but to me it was 100% normal. I will not tell you what I said about my Mizuno’s..thats top secret! But our discussion was informative and Brittney might of talked me into trying minimalist shoes.

Was your week totally random or was there a theme with your week?

Mine was definitely running. I know I blog mostly about running, but this week was ONLY about it.

*Keep praying for Collins Dixon who is battling brain cancer, he is a courageous young man who is in high need for love and support through prayer! Check out more at 


2 thoughts on “You May Have a Problem When…”

  1. My theme has been running, but this week it was the flu! Dying to know what your text said about the Mizunos! I wear them too.

    1. Oh no! I’ve only had the flu once (knock on wood or Mac Book) and I remember the horrible symptoms, so sorry its been your theme..thats not an ideal one!

      & my text was about the new Wave Rider 15’s…they are KILLING my ankles! I’ve never had a running shoe to do that and when I run even short distances like 3 miles, but they are easing up a little bit!

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