Put Me in a Hot Tub STAT.

I have OFFICIALLY lost my mind.

Yesterday, I ran in a bone-chilling-nose-falling-off-lung-burning-almost-exploding temperature. 23°!

Not even joking, holy moly I wish I was. Zach told me this would happen, he warned me of the consequences but I ignored them. I wish I could take it back and be wise and just hold out until the temperatures warmed up!

I wore my running tights, compression socks (over my tights because I’m a baller), base tech tee, thermal over that, gloves, then a sweater jacket. I still froze.

I was cold all day, my body never fully warmed up while running and my fear was hypothermia. When you sweat in below freezing weather your body has a chance to develop symptoms. Yes that was the only thought going through my mind, “Run faster so you don’t freeze up and die later!” Also I kept picturing my scolding hot shower that would follow. This was the only time I will admit Zach was 100% correct. I know a lot of people run in this type of weather, but for a Southern gal who likes the hotter days this was climate shock and my body didn’t respond well.

Like I said, I was cold all day. I brewed coffee while in the shower, grabbed it piping hot and it didn’t do a darn thing. Next thing was hot tea, same scene and same result. My shower didn’t even heat my body temperature back up. It took a long time to feel warm again, I’m talking like hours.

Will I ever run in below freezing temperatures? No. But I can say I did 🙂


2 thoughts on “Put Me in a Hot Tub STAT.”

  1. I LOVE running in cold weather! It took me some getting used to and of course dressing in the proper gear, but now I have to say that I would pick a winter run over a summer run any day. Crazy, I know:-) As long as it is not windy, I can take the cold.

    And I think I have told you this before, but I will say it again – LOVE those pink laces:-)

    1. LOL! I had layers and layers, but I’m just not used to that type of cold weather. But I’m happy I did it! I tried, and thank you for the laces! I had to purchase them separate otherwise it would of been black on black..ek.

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