2012 Resolutions

First off, yesterday I proclaimed my cousin would have her baby. Well that didn’t happen. Instead he made his way into the world THIS morning at 6 am and was the first baby born at the hospital for 2012! I must say, he is beautiful and perfect and I’m already in love with him. I can’t wait to meet the little stud muffin!

Lets remember some wonderful memories of 2011, shall we? Well the two I love the most.

1. Getting married to my best friend, by far the best day of 2011 and my whole life!


2. Running the Savannah River Bridge Run, 6 tough miles!


Ok so everyone has New Years Resolutions. Most people don’t stick to them. Curious as to why, right? We fall of the band wagon! I will raise my hand and say I’ve been one of those people. Things start out great and you’re feeling awesome then you slowly start to miss days and then over time it just ends completely.

My goals for this year are as follows:

1. Serve my life more towards the Lord. Honestly I have been feeling slightly off with Him. I need to work on my devotionals and Bible reading. Every morning I try to read some devotionals and some verses from the Bible, but thats about as far as I go. I need to reconnect with Him.

2. Relax a little more, which is funny because I head straight towards my couch at the end of the day. But throughout the day I am tense or stressed for no reason. I run mid-day on my days off and in the mornings on my workdays. So I’m not releasing the stress I’ve built up during the day. I just need to let go and I will be working on that.

3. Run a freaking half marathon! Enough said.

4. Enjoy the little things Zach does for me. I never thank him enough for doing a load of dishes or just picking up his clothes. I notice when he does it, but I never thank him. Need to work on that!

5. Love Zach and enjoy our first year of marriage! We’re still on our honey-moon phase..JK but I want to remember our first year of marriage with photos or just amazing memories. I have 10 more months to capture  🙂

So there you have it, my Top 5 Goals. I find them to be good and realistic.

What are your resolutions for 2012?

Happy New Year!


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