New Years Eve

So my NYE has been a beautiful wonderful day so far! First off, I had a glorious run this morning and I will tell you why. My cousin Brittney is having her baby today! I could only focus on that and kept checking my phone for an announcement or picture. With a happy occasion like that no one would have a terrible run, right?

Next off is Zach and I’s plans. We are having the perfect NYE celebration. Dinner in and watching the ball drop from the comfort of our house. Bliss in my eyes.

I remember the first time we spent NYE together, it was in Atlanta and we just made it to the Peach Drop with 3 minutes to spare. We ran off MARTA and had stopped dead middle of the street and watched the New Year come around, with a perfect kiss we smiled to each other and ran back for the train!

From that day on we swore to just spend the evening in the comfort of wherever we were living. A lot of people love going out and being the crowd and the celebration pumps them up, but I focus on people drinking, probably driving, and traffic. Things that don’t add up to a perfect night.

So we are getting a nice bottle of champagne, cooking a lovely meal, and relaxing in our sweats. Glorious, glorious!

What are your plans?

Do you like ignoring the crowds too? A big YES.


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