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My Week in Photos

This week has been great. My dad and stepmom came down with my dogs and spent 3 days with Zach and I. They left this morning early to head back home…in Blue Ridge. Thats a 6-8 hour drive, yikes. So this week was spent eating and exercising. Sort of..

Wednesday was a half day for me and it worked out perfectly since I wanted to test out a local trail. I’ve been dying to run it, but am too afraid to go alone. Call me crazy but running alone in a funky place can make you think some awful things that might happen to you. Better safe than sorry.

Anyway my dad and Erin brought their bikes and I tested out my new Mizuno’s. The trail was beautiful. I would of never known that gem was back there.

Perfect Wednesday ended with this:

The waitress only gave me one thing of ketchup. Even though those aren’t a lot of fries, that wasn’t enough ketchup. Yummy fish tacos! Yes I eat fish tacos with french fries. I swear I’m an adult.

This also happened…

Thats my Bonnie. She is an old dachshund who loves Zach more than anything in the world, except her baby which is that pink rope in her grasp. She is spoiled and hopeless. Lights are on and nobodies home, but we love her because of her goofiness. My other pup is Onyx. She is also clueless and goofy.

She has a crazy eye! Just kidding, she has one brown eye and one blue eye. I always forget she has a brown eye.

That was my week, and it was great! I leave you with this.

Yep I almost sat on her. Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “My Week in Photos”

  1. Loved the post!!! We had a great time with you and Zach and can’t wait for our next adventure together hittin’ the trails.

    Love you guys and Happy New Year!


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