Christmas Celebration Part 2

So yesterday I showed yall our photos from our weekend. Didn’t it look fantastic? Anyway, today I want to show yall what Zach and I got for Christmas. We didn’t spend a ton on each other, but we got the gifts we told each other to get. I’m sure thats not how its supposed to go, but oh well. I like knowing what I’m getting.

I love everything I bought Zach. I did spend quite a bit on him, but it was all worth it.  I got him some navy Puma’s..he now has every color in the Speedcats.

He also got some Armani Gio, this awesome navy sweater from American Eagle that everyone complimented on (even the Abercrombie men/women asked him where he got it from while we were shopping Saturday)

Rosetta Stone was also a gift from his dad, and yes we are learning German. Zach is picking up on it super fast, I on the other hand keep yelling at it. It works.

What he got from my mom? Candy and money. Perfect presents!

A fraction of what he received.

Zach got me some awesome gifts. I got a foam roller! I love it! I’m still figuring out how to use it, but it worked last night and my IT Band was killing me.

He got me this killer Mizuno Tech Tee with my last race on it. I love it, its probably my favorite thing.

He knew it would mean a lot to me and he was right. I also got my compression socks! And btw I wore them all the way on our drive Saturday. When I took them off that night my legs felt numb, it a good way. There was zero pain.

Straight up sexy. But I was too excited to put them on and when I was wearing them around, Zach pointed out they had a L & R for the feet. Yep I had them on the wrong foot.

When we went up Saturday, Zach also bought me some things from Abercrombie  since we don’t have one and they were having a killer 50% off sale, so I got some new jeans and a nice sweater (the pic above with my mom, Zach, and that gray sweater). Zach also bought himself some new Christmas clothes. We also went back Monday morning to get more clothes. We needed new clothes BAD. We have a ton more presents it feels like, but there are way to many pictures and I can’t just pick some…

Oh look the Mizuno's my mom bought me that I had wrap myself

My dad and stepmom got me the yoga mat and towel I asked for! I love it, its so nice.

Plus Zach’s mom bought us each a Clarisonic. I love mine, seriously love. It feels wonderful and my skin was so soft after one use. I highly recommend them!

I too got Christmas money and I’ve already spent most of it yesterday. I bought some running tights, a Lululemon jacket, a race entry, running shorts and a running shirt, and then I bought something I’m second guessing…a Coach purse. It was straight up impulse. Zach likes it and thinks I should keep it, but I’m totally unsure. Everything else I bought was on sale and this was too, but still over $200…ek. We will see if I keep it.

What did you guys get? Anything you didn’t get but wanted?

Was there a present you were dying to give? Mine was all of Zach’s presents!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Celebration Part 2”

    1. Thank you! I was so happy to see them at an expo and when Christmas was coming up I knew I wanted them! I’ve never tried Brooks but i sure do like the name 😉

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