Christmas Celebration Part 1

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven’t blogged in over a week, I scheduled some post to come up and since last Wednesday I haven’t typed a single word. I felt totally lost. But with all this non-blogging I was spending time with my loved ones and it was wonderful! I had the best weekend with Zach and my family.

We headed up north to Atlanta and spent Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family. Christmas Eve is always held at my Grandmama’s and this year was great because my cousin Brittney is pregnant, I’m freshly married, and everyone was in good spirits.

Me, Brittney, Celia

Out-take, there was a baby at my butt

Me and my daddy

Me and my dad. We always love to see each other, we have corny inside jokes and I do love the old man. Zach and I got some photos together, but there must be a ghost in my Grandmama’s house because our pictures look spooky.

My Grandmama loved my white chocolate pound cake. You can tell she was trying to inhale it from the bag. Plus she was not sharing for a good while.

She hiked up her skirt by herself

You know your family might be a tad redneck when you buy boxes with fly fishing, moose, and deer. That was a present to my dad. Classy box.

For Christmas day we spent the whole day with my  mom. Her apartment was so cute decorated and she was just too excited about Zach and I being there. I took photos of everything because she insisted on it. I wonder where I get my habits from LOL. Here are the many snap shots of our day with my beautiful mother.

Pretty tree, with all my handmade ornaments

Zach and my mom cooking, I think

yum yum, get in my belly

Yes my mother cooked ALL that food for us. Yes, us. I ate all of it. It was delicious, I even took a to-go plate that was identical to eat later that night at our hotel. She requested I take a picture of it for proof that she cooked.

Yes, I am just like her

She insisted she try on my shoes, which are way to big for her. She was blessed with tiny feet. I’m jealous. But I got my Mizuno’s.

Next years Christmas card? Yes!

This was at my Granny’s. Someone gave her a Snuggie and I had to try it on. I must say I was disappointed. It just proves I would much rather have the Forever Lazy.

This was heaven! Sadly, and I seriously mean sadly it wasn’t mine. It’s my Papa’s. I was allowed some pieces, but when I opened the box for a second time he yelled at me concerned that I was going to eat all of them. I must get my love for candy from him. I wanted more, but he took them away. Boo.

On the way home we visited Zach’s mom and it was so good to see her. We ate lunch, opened presents, and just had a great time. She got me a Clarisonic! I died. She is great at giving awesome gifts. Then we headed towards his Granny’s and spent a hour with her. She is 91 and acts like a 20 year old. Her memory is fantastic, I love hearing her stories. Her main concern was if I was eating. Zach quickly implied I was..a lot. He sure does love me.

That was our family celebration. Like I said it was wonderful. I couldn’t of asked for a better Christmas. I will have more on Zach and I’s Christmas exchange here at the house tomorrow. This was more exciting.

I hope your Christmas was beautifully wonderful!


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