Tis The Season

Merry Christmas! This is probably my favorite time of the year, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and all the joy that brings. Second we eat ourselves into a sugar coma, which is another great reason to love the season. I could eat sugary sweets everyday. I’d probably weigh as much as an elephant, but I’d be happy. Third, we spend time with family! Last Christmas my dad and stepmom came down to Orlando and spent the holiday with us. It was great, but at the same time I missed my mom and the rest of my families (both sides).

This year however Zach and I are going back up in the ATL-Marietta area to spend the weekend. Its wonderful. You know that feeling that warms your heart when thinking about a childhood memory? I always get that around this time of year. For me its where you were surrounded on Christmas with presents and wrapping paper thrown everywhere, but you try to focus on what someone was saying and you can’t because everyone was talking and laughing. That reminds me of my Grandmama’s house on Christmas Eve.

I have tons of memories from her house, and I’m always sitting on the couch that had floral fabric and my mom on one side, Brittney my cousin glued to my hip and we’re opening a present at the same time. I can’t remember the toys or what my mom might of said, but I can remember the feeling of happiness at that moment, for all those moments.

This year its Zach and I’s first Christmas as husband and wife. Its pretty magical. We haven’t opened our gifts to each other yet, we are doing that later tonight. I would save them for my mom’s house, but I’m spoiled and can’t wait that long. You know I’m bringing baked goods. Who would I be if I didn’t? The Ogletree’s are getting a delicious white chocolate pound cake. My mom, MIL, and Granny and Papa are getting the red velvet whoopie pies I slaved over yesterday. (btw I hate those, its too time consuming to stay in the kitchen going through sheet tray after sheet tray for 30 minutes..thats why I’m blessed enough to know how to make one  fabulous cake). Of course I will be taking photos to post later after the holiday. I will leave you with an artsy picture of our tree, its quite beautiful at night. And we have our Mr. Mrs. 2011 ornament on there too, (its above the Y on JOY)

I hope yall have a Merry Christmas and safe travels if you’re heading out to see family!


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