Nike LunarGlide+ 3

Its no secret that I love running shoes. I’m always looking at them. Some women browse handbags and heels for hours, I’m the same way but with something a little more rough. When my Asics were done I knew exactly what shoe I wanted next.

I went and got fitted at Fleet Feet (the best running store ever) and mentioned these shoes. I asked if they would be ok for me to run in, would I get as much support from them as I had in my Asics, and would I injure myself. They said yes, yes, and no. In fact they said these might be better for me! Score. Done deal.

So I told Zach all about them, I mean I was talking about them every night. Then my birthday was coming around and that was the only thing I requested. And guess what? I got them.

The Nike LunarGlide+ 3’s are amazing. They have a springy cushion and enhanced support. Some of the best benefits are these:

  • Best for mild to moderate overpronators
  • Arch support that wraps around the foot for a snug, secure fit
  • Their special Lunarlon cushioning for miles and miles of soft, springy comfort
  • Dynamic Support for stability in an ultra-smooth ride

The fit on them is unbelievable. It’s designed to have a minimalistic upper. The mesh inner sleeve (the bootie) has a supportive fit. The other cool thing is the midfoot strap that connects to the laces and when you tie your shoes, the strap tightens to form a secure custom fit to your foot. How awesome is that?! “Dynamic Support wedge that provides smooth transitions throughout the run; improved use of ultra-soft Lunarlon foam along the footbed for cushion and comfort; and an innovative midfoot strap to deliver improved fit and support.”


These shoes are highly reviewed, people are loving the shoe. I of course am one of those people. If I could recommend any shoe, it would be these. I’m so happy that Zach bought these beautiful babies for me. Oh and the colors are insane, I have the most popular color theme I think because those are the only ones I see around.

For me personally I’ve seen an improvement on time and pace. I don’t have so much arch pain and my calves are less tired at the end of my run. The weight is also a big plus, I mean these shoes weigh so much less than my Asic Gel Nimbus 12’s. Want another great thing? Its ready for Nike+! You buy the sensor, place it in the sole of the shoe and boom you’re done! Its quite fabulous. So far my shoes have less than 100 miles on them, and they still feel like brand new shoes. Support is all there and I have a feeling it ain’t going nowhere.

So if your looking for a great shoe that isn’t overly priced (they’re in the $100 range) I would seriously consider looking for a pair.

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