My Blog Published Wedding

Today was super exciting! I got the email that our wedding was featured on Garnished. Its a fabulous site, it showcases treasures from brooches to furniture to real weddings. Last month I was asked if I would like to have my wedding featured, and I jumped to the opportunity. To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

When given the chance to show my hard work for our big day is a HUGE pat on the back. The weddings that are showcased on her site are some drop-dead gorgeous extravaganzas. Now mine is ranked along with those other happy couples.

I first got the email at work and literally stopped my work (which I was working on fondant holly leaves), screamed, and ran to tell Minette. Our shop is featured on the story board, and it is a big deal. I read our story for like 10 minutes just so ecstatic. I read it again before typing this post. I am that thrilled about it!

Please stop by her blog and read about our wedding, from the fine details to our dating history. She captured exactly what I wanted our wedding to be described as.

So thats a good way to celebrate 2 months of marriage, don’t y’all think?!

Happy Wednesday!


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