Trip to Fresh Market

Yesterday Zach and I did something we’ve been dying to do. Ok, false. We did something I’ve been dying to do. We spent an afternoon in The Fresh Market. Its like a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but since Savannah has neither one of those we have a Fresh Market. In Orlando we had a pretty awesome Whole Foods. I’m talking hot bar, coffee house, veggies scattered over half the store. It was fabulous. Moving to Savannah we searched for a Whole Foods. Well we came up with nada. But they did have a healthy grocery store. For the past 9 months we never visited the store. Its on the way home, so we pass it everyday. There is no legit reason we never went in. So yesterday we planned on going just because and we were going downtown anyway to pick up macaroons from my work (the same ones I had eaten everyday at work, yes I have the best job).

Zach and I were AUH-MAZED! I was taking pictures left and right and I’m pretty sure people thought I was crazy. Or slightly off. Probably both. No joke we spent 2 hours in the store! Its not big either, like half of a Publix. So a trip should of lasted maybe 30 minutes, but we had to look at everything. We picked up chicken tenders, mahi mahi, veggies, olives and antipasta, garlic bread, hot sandwiches, and kiwis. Thats not a lot. We got everything we needed, except ginger. Why? They ran out. We actually went to the Publix across the street to get it.

Lets back up to the awesome pictures I took of my goofy experience in a grocery store. Yes, I’m one of those girls.

The meat section, it was amazing.

We stared at the mini butcher shop going on, like some of the best cuts I’ve seen. The chicken was a steal, like $5.99 a pound. The mahi mahi not so much, it was $14.99 a pound..and we got carried away.

yum yum cheese

Zach was in heaven. We did get some freshly grated Parmesan cheese, but the boy wanted brie, mozzarella, and cheddar. I knew I married a man who loves food equally as much as I do.

Spices oh my!

The smell around us was intoxicating, they had everything. Saffron ($15.99 for a pinch) to crystalized ginger. We only needed sesame seeds, but I could of picked up a lot more. Zach said only get what we need, (hello I need everything).

You know I dug into this

Zach couldn’t pull me away fast enough. He didn’t even ask if I wanted any, he just stood back and let me pile on the vinegary goodness. I got cheese wrapped in grape leave, spicy kalamata olives, red pepper mozzarella balls, olive oil and vinegar olive salad with sundried tomatoes, and roasted garlic. At $9.99 a pound, I was limited.

yum yum, get in my belly

Zach pulled me away from this. He knows I would of bought all of them.

Bakery wasn’t anything grand, but those fruit tarts looked divine. I wanted all the small ones. Seriously, all of them.

Buddha's Hands fruit

The fruit and vegetables were insane. I’ve never seen some of this stuff before. What a shame. We were dumbfounded when we saw this baby. It smelt delicious, but the thought of eating it kinda freaked me out. Zach said this morning we should of gotten one. Yep, we think about food all the time.

Random heirloom tomatoes, so pretty

They also had dates by the pound, but I couldn’t spend the money. The price of ($16.99!) a pound was holding me back. I love dates with almond butter, great snack before a run. Speaking of almond butter, I got to make my own! I’m so nerdy, I made Zach take a picture of me with it after it came out hot.

Yes I take pictures with food

Here is my hott husband picking up our fish, which was our big splurge.

He lets me take ridiculous pictures of him, its true love

Finally we ordered our amazing sandwiches, I didn’t take pictures because there are way too many on here as it is. But they were to die for. I got the pork and brie sandwich which had brie, apple slices, mango chutney, blackened pork tenderloin, and a kaiser roll. Zach got the carolina classic BBQ pork sandwich, it had red onions, pork tenderloin, BBQ sauce, sharp cheddar cheese, and an onion roll.

Normally I’m the one getting excited about food, but it was nice to see Zach do the same. We now love our Fresh Market. The prices weren’t too bad, and the selection was a lot better. Plus the people who work there was super nice.

So there is my recap of my first trip to Fresh Market, I know its totally strange I blog about a grocery store, but its exciting to me! Gotta love my life, its totally bonkers and random.

Happy Sunday!


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