My First Girls on the Run 5K

Today was a great Saturday. I was so excited to get up and get ready for our 5k. The girls have been working all season to get to this point and it was a great finale to a fantastic season. All the Savannah area groups were there. They had a hair station by Goodys and of course I had to get in on the action.

Pink streaks, felt so rebellious.

Sorry for the intense close up, but I had to get the picture, everyone else was shorter than me and didn’t want to take my picture, they just wanted to play Angry Birds. But we had to stretch, and that was a mess. The girls scattered and we forced them to stretch, just kidding. But it did end up messy, we were all off and doing separate things.

Told ya. With 20 minutes before the start they were all getting antsy. Some wanted food, others wanted to do cartwheels. I wanted to get warm, it was freezing! And the sun wasn’t coming out, boo! Nothing like a cold run with a cloudy sky.

Green pond? Kinda sketchy.

Richmond Hill girls!

The start time was 9:00 am but we didn’t cross the line until 9:08. The “real racers” started 2 minutes before us. We did our Girls on the Run chant before they blew the siren. It was really exciting to see everyone get amped, especially the girls. I was running with a little miss and we joked, I told her she would eat my dust and she replied, “yeah after you get lost in mine.” I knew we would have a great time! So it started and holy moly she sprinted! I had to catch up with her, it took about a minute to dip in and out to get her.

Our super fast sprint

The path was kinda yucky.

We only had two laps around the course and we were coming up to the end of the first one, where the girls get beads for finishing a lap. I forgot to tell her about the water station (big oops) so when we were coming around to where we started and she mentioned she was thirsty, I felt super bad. I told her about the station…she left me behind.

I quickly caught up and she was ready for this to be over. I kept telling her we were almost done. I had my Nike+ app going, because the little miss requested I time us. So I had it set up for 5K and every minute had to update her with our stats. The mood of her was quickly slipping to the negative zone. Then two other girls from our group ran and walked with us to the finish. Which that was a struggle. Trying to motivate a 9 year old is hard. Bribing them with food works though. Also competitive talk works wonders. I would say I was going to beat her and she wouldn’t allow that. So that had her little legs moving 🙂 the mom who was with us goes, “whatever works at this point.” Amen to that.

Finally, they sprinted to the finish line…like bolted. I was struggling to keep up, but we finished at 44: something seconds. Definitely good considering these girls only ran a practice 5K once. I was super proud of my little miss! And all the other girls from Richmond Hill! We all finished and got a group shot with their medals.

Yay Girls on the Run!

It was a great experience and I am so happy I was a part of it all. The lessons learned with hopefully carry out throughout their lives or at least during the fundamental years. Girls have a tough time in school, especially during the middle school years. I know these girls are strong and confident and will only succeed in their young lives. I can’t wait to for the next season!

Oh did I mention this was also a bribe to finish? I told the girls if they ran out of these before we crossed the finished line Mrs. Brooke was going to super unhappy. They quickly ran 🙂

Yes I'm 23 years old and I am addicted to menchies.

I would highly recommend you to join a Girls on the Run chapter in your area! They are well worth the time spend and you have a great time!


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