Running Shoe Reader Question

So after yesterday’s post about my lack-luster dinner and mention of different running shoes I have and will be trying, I got an email regarding the concern of switching from shoe to shoe.

(This is my personal opinion, and therefore it might not be valid in your eyes, but I still appreciate you reading my blog 🙂 )

Yes switching that often from different shoes can lead to injury. But if you pick and choose a shoe that is specific to your needs, you should be fine. For instance, I pronate a tiny bit, so I’m not going to get a shoe that doesn’t support my arches and then lead to aching, hurt feet. Also, there are tons of shoes that serve the same purpose. There are not just running shoes anymore. The market is so wide now that companies (like Asic) have the same category of shoe, but with tons of different models. They carry a stability shoe, well that category have 7 models of the same type of shoe.

Plus, shoe rotation is ok. Did you know a lot of people train in different shoes, but race in another type all together? To me that might be dangerous. But for those runners it works. Just like training in different shoes all together works for me.

But yes, I understand the concern that this can lead to injury, but more importantly its depending on your running life. Last May I would of never switched from Asics. Until I noticed my pronation was getting worse. I read for months about different shoes, I even got fitted at my local running store. When I mentioned the Nike Lunarglide +3 and they said they would be fine for my feet, I wanted them. I didn’t just throw the idea out of there to Zach, I did my research.

So yes some runners would consider this bad and shameful. But I consider it to be fine, improvement actually. To try different shoes and to find out what is best for me is the greatest thing I can do to further my running life. Not injure myself and be out for good.

The best thing you can do is get properly fitted, then you can see what shoe works for you and what other shoes will work just the same.


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