Take Out & Wine

Yep this Thursday evening I am not feeling the urge to cook. So thankfully there is a fantastic chinese take out restaurant like 2 miles (yes that close) to us and I was happy to hear the words about it from Zach. I love cooking, but there are some days you’re just like..ughh noo! Thats me. Today. And maybe yesterday..

Along with that yummy take out there has to be wine. Why? Because it goes together, duh. I’ve been having a glass every night trying not to waste it because that happens a lot. I open a bottle, have a glass and forget about it until 4 days later and I know its bad. I learned that is of my favorite classes (we tasted wine at 9 am, it was like Kathie Lee and Hoda were with us) so this time around I’m guzzling it. That sounded gross, and maybe a little serious like I have a problem. Ok so I’m sipping on a glass every night. Much better!

Vegetable Lo Mein with only broccoli and Beaujolaise Nouveau

This week has been a good one, I’ve been stuffing my face with sweets and work. Wait, thats nothing new. We’ve been busy which is always good and I’ve been harassing Zach about the Mizuno Wave Rider’s 15. I think its starting to work for him to see my side of the conversation, which come on is the ONLY side (and the right side too). I know I just got a new pair of Nikes and I love them, but I’m planning for next year. A lot of people don’t try out a lot of running shoes, they stick with that they love. I on the other hand like to look at my options. I don’t want to run for like 10 years never trying something that might be better. So within a year its been Asics, Nike, and now Mizuno.

This weekend is our Girls On the Run 5K and I’m pumped! I’ve already looking forward to the spring season and I hope all the girls come back! I will have a full recap on the happiest race around!

How is your week looking? Anything good to eat? Weekend plans worth sharing?

Happy Holidays! (Christmas is 17 days away!)


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