Savannah Bridge Run Recap

Today my legs are stiff, sore, and locked in places. I feel awesome. The banner ad was no joke, it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done and it completely showed in the time and pace. But that really didn’t matter to me in the end, it was a fun race! I had a great time with my friend Brittney.

Too cute to be cold, just kidding I was freezing

Part 1: It was freezing. I hate running in freezing weather. We were getting anxious and excited! The costumes that some runners were wearing was hilarious. So the runner’s mark was called and we were off. We hit mile 1 in under 10 minutes and headed towards the bridge. We did fantastic until we hit the bridge ,which I guess is typical. The first half, I was the one dying. The incline of the bridge irritated my knee and it flared up pretty much immediately. Then me being stupid tried something new before the race. I drank that Gatorade Prime drink that I felt sick to my stomach till I got to mile 2. I tried my hardest to eat a Shot Blok and nope, it wouldn’t go down. I spat it out over the bridge, I just wanted water. So we walked up the bridge on both inclines, and ran down the ramps. Trying to conserve energy we stretched our sore spots with walking and cussing. It totally helped.

Mile 1
Having a blast killing my legs!

Part 2: Going back up was like hell on earth. I developed a side stitch on mile 3 and had it until the end of the race! It wasn’t extremely bad until mile 4 and I had to stop and try to stretch it out almost every minute. At the same time Brittney’s foot and knee started to hurt, then we got to the top of the bridge and started to run down when her foot got caught in the drain/expander thing on the bridge. Her already hurt foot was the one to go straight in that things mouth and then it like, “we’re done.” I was seriously concerned for her, and so we ran until we needed to stop for her to walk on it. I kept telling her to tell me when we needed to, I didn’t want her to injure it as bad as I did. So we saw mile 6 and bam, we ran like hell for the finish. My lungs were on fire, my side was locked  and holy hell my knee was knotted like a rope. But we saw our husbands, and just went for it.

Almost at Mile 6!
Less than 100 meters till the finish line

We crossed the finish line. That was the goal the whole time. We finished. Our time was over an hour, 1:17:13 to be exact, thats what Nike+ says, official time is 1:20:40. Not our greatest times! Both of us were pretty disappointed, but then we realized we both weren’t trained for such an intense race. So I think our finish time is ok, considering what we dealt with during the race. We just had a great time, it was so much fun running with a friend. Our outfits were killer, I mean we rocked our zebra thermals from the little girls section at Walmart and those ear warmers and gloves were the finishing touch.

So will I ever do this race again? Probably not. It was so hard, physically. Running on flat surfaces does not prepare you for a bridge race. I’ve never ran up an incline, if I were to do it again I would most definitely practice and train on a treadmill.

Did you take on a race this weekend? When was your toughest race?

*Update: As of December 6, 2011 I have changed my mind on doing the race again, I want to do it again to prove I can succeed and finish quicker. So yes, if the Lord lets me, I will race again in the Enmark Savannah Bridge Run 10K for 2012.


4 thoughts on “Savannah Bridge Run Recap”

  1. Thank you! We were at Walmart forever looking for something to make us stand out and we saw those thermals in the little girls section and surprisingly they fit! But seriously thank you, it was an accomplishment!

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