Getting Mentally Ready for This Weekend

Saturday is a HUGE day for both me and my good friend Brittney. We are racing in the 2011 Enmark Savannah River Bridge Run 10K and I am legit terrified.

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Why did I sign up for this again? Who the hell knows. After last week’s sad 5K that I wish I had done better in, I am second-guessing myself. Can I really do this? Am I going to actually finish? Will Brittney and I walk most of it? (Which is perfectly fine with us)

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Here are some facts about this race. Its scary if you’ve never ran it and oh thats us. The bridge is 1.4 miles span with  a 5.5% grade and its 196 feet above the river. OMG. Scary reason 1: I hate heights. I’m one of those people who don’t look out over a balcony on vacation if its over the 5th floor. Scary reason 2: I’ve never ran on an incline! EVER! I run outside, on flat asphalt and sidewalks. Thats my comfort zone, and the thought to climbing up for more than half a mile is daunting. Plus there is coming down on the other side, then going back up again.

Here is the course map:

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I find it to be cautious when the ad says, “RUN, WALK, CRAWL” thanks for the heads up on how we will finish! Self-doubt will kill you in a race, one small negative thought and your focus is gone and the race is over. Your motivation and training out of the window and to someone who deserves it. So this week I’m really trying to think about the fun we’ll have and what we get to stuff our faces with later and the carb-loading on Friday. I guess food is my motivation to do well 🙂

I could seriously use y’alls help in this! Since this is my farthest run/race ever, not Brittney’s she completed her first half marathon last Thursday! (she sadly injured her foot and is still in pain), I need to know what I should really focus on and what to do to keep that focus for a long time.

I was on my way to running 6 straight miles, but then tore my tendon behind my knee and was out of the count for a month and some weeks and yet I still haven’t been able to run that far yet. 3 miles is my limit before it flares up again.

So wish me luck this week! I am excited, our husbands will be there cheering us on, and our parents are super proud of us! But the thought of not doing well is crushing my happiness.

What was your toughest race?

Did you mentally prepare?

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