Finally, Our Wedding Photos!

So sorry guys for being a total slacker and not getting to this sooner. I’ve had these babies for almost 3 weeks now and yet I still hadn’t shared them with you. Forgive me please. I took the super hard job of selecting my favorites and deciding which ones truly showcase the day. It all starts with getting glamourous and fancy, then the big moment, then the pictures you are forced happy to take with family and your ever so demanding mom, and finally the reception. I really hope you like them, Zach and I, ok I browse through all 600+ daily. I love seeing how happy and excited we were! Sylvia Hagar did a marvelous job! I would highly recommend her. Its truly a blessing to find your soul mate and I am ever so thankful for my husband. Get a glass of bubbly or wine, (or both) and look through our wedding photos!






4 thoughts on “Finally, Our Wedding Photos!

  1. mmgarnes says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I write a style blog and would love to feature your wedding on our Real Weddings section. Your pictures are gorgeous and most of the readers are food lovers too. Spotted that you’re a pastry chef!

    Let me know if you’re interested- couldn’t spot an e-mail to reach you directly!


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