Happy Thanksgiving

I will give thanks to the Lord

because of his righteousness

and will sing praise to the name

of the Lord Most High.

Psalm 7:17

This Thanksgiving, Zach and I are thankful for most importantly our family. We’ve been so blessed to have such amazing parents, my mom and dad have taught me the most valuable lessons in life and one is to say thanks to God for making our lives so enjoyable. Zach’s parents have taught him to value whatever the Lord brings you, and together we are figuring out what to be thankful for and what to be blessed with.

Our first Thanksgiving being married, and we had a grand day. I ran in the Savannah Turkey Trot 5K. Finished within a good time, especially dealing with a cold and sinus infection. Probably not the brightest idea to race, but I wasn’t wasting my money. Plus I felt good enough, and trust me I wouldn’t of ran feeling like poo. That happened in my last race back in June and I had to quit midway. I’m ticked off a little bit because someone miscalculated the distance and I wasn’t the only one to notice. My unofficial finish time was 36:57. That time included a 2 minute break to take off my jacket, unpin my bib, take off my armband, re-pin my bib to my shirt, re-attach my arm band with iPhone, and start again. So I took that off, so my racing time was 34:57. My Nike+ finishing time was exactly for a 5K, along with some others who were using the same thing and their Garmins. The race distance had an extra 1/4 mile added on so that added exactly 2 minutes onto my time, making it 38:57 with their race results. No thank you, I will stick with my exact measurement and not whoever messed up the course. I was livid for 10 seconds. But I’m ok with it, honestly. To finish in 34-36 wasn’t bad for having a sinus infection and cold, which I still have. It was an overall fun race!

Afterwards, we headed home to let me shower and get dressed and we had our own Thanksgiving feast. Our tradition brings us to Cracker Barrel every year. It started in Orlando. I mean hey, its inexpensive, and I don’t have to clean up! This year we didn’t travel to our families since we will be up there for Christmas. I always miss my large family around the holidays because I’ve never been without them for a special occasion until 3 years ago. Zach and I have grown accustomed to spending the holidays together, and I really enjoy it. I love spending time with my husband, to make memories for ourselves.

What we are thankful for is each other, our health, our home, our careers, our relationship with the Lord, the people we are blessed enough to call family, and the past couple of years that we’ve grown up together and realizing who we are.

I’m so thankful for my husband. Zach truly is a saint in my eyes, he knows how to nurture and take care of me when needed and also when to leave me alone and let me deal with a situation myself. I couldn’t of asked God for a more perfect man in my eyes. I’m so blessed he is my partner, the person I get to spend the rest of my life with, and to start and share family memories together. He makes me so unbelievably happy its unimaginable. So I’m most thankful for him, for showing me to be a better and more relaxed person and to cherish the little things (and not freak out over spilled milk, literally).

What are you most thankful for? What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Did you do a Turkey Trot today?

…give thanks to the Lord in all circumstances… 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Take some time right now to thank God for everything he’s done for you.

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