Anything, Sweets

Weekend Update

So I’m going to be honest and admit, I didn’t take enough pictures of anything this weekend because my head wasn’t in the right place. Being sick blows. What I did manage to take photos of was my cousin’s baby shower cake that I made. I’m so mad I didn’t have a single photo of the shower, or of Brittney with the cake. Plus I didn’t take any awesome photos of Zach and I stuffing our faces with our favorite food from back home. I’m not feeling 100% guilty because I honestly feel like poo. My head is stuffed one second, then I’m sneezing for like 10 minutes then dealing with a runny nose for about 2 hours. Its lovely. Last night was the worst, not sure if it was from driving up 4 hours or the pressure change, but my body didn’t react well and I actually got more sick.

Thankfully I wasn’t dying during the afternoon, otherwise I would of missed the shower. That would of been awful, I mean I would of been stuck with a delicious chocolate cake. So on the last update about me baking, I mentioned I’d show the cake before I left. Clearly I lied or set myself up for failure. Sorry guys. Good news is I’m home and drugged up on DayQuil/NyQuil combo so all is well in my head. So here are the only pictures I took all weekend.

I throughly loved designing and making this. I got home late Friday and rushed to decorate. All within 2 hours I had this creation. It looked flawless. Sadly, the trip up there cracked the band on the first tier and I forgot my smoother and the not so cool car (not my fault, Zach didn’t want the air on) made my fondant go south. Ugh. I was the only one not 100% happy with the cake, but what do I know right? I’m just happy everyone loved it!

My first priority was to make Brittney happy and I kept her updated throughout the process and she loved it. I knew I did well.

So that was my weekend. I spent time with my family and my friend, who recently had a gorgeous baby girl. Saturday night was spent hanging out with my mom at our favorite restaurant. Then we all watched Battle: Los Angeles and about died laughing from an inside joke. Already sick and then laughing till your crying and gasping for air for a solid 15 minutes does not make you feel better. Then Sunday was spent seeing my grandparents.

Zach and I love going up north to Atlanta and the Metro area. Any chance we get and can go we plan our trip. Next time up is for Christmas!  Now we are home and I’m so happy, except…I forgot my pillow at our hotel and I’m really pissed off. Good thing they are going to ship it!

What did you do this weekend? Any fun plans?


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