Hey There Baby

So this weekend, my beautiful cousin is having her baby shower. Brittney was my MOH and was pregnant and radiant. I’ve never seen a more beautiful prego in my life. I hope to look as fabulous as she when the time comes…in like 40,378 days, thats like 110 years. Maybe not that long 😉 All joking aside, I want to me a mom oh so bad, but when the time is right it will happen for Zach and I. Besides we are newlyweds! I want to enjoy our marriage for a couple of years before we add a bundle of poop diapers vomit joy to the family. In the time waiting I can just attend other’s showers. Perfect!

This one is super special though, its some super close and dear to me. Brittney is practically my sister, if you asked us when we were little we would tell you we are indeed sisters and don’t ask again, we’ll slug you. Now we are grown, one married and one engaged and expecting a bouncing baby boy. I couldn’t be happier for her. She is going to be one of the coolest moms around.

Whats even better about this is, I get to do it the cake! Before I was asked I was secretly hoping I could do it. When the offer came up, I didn’t hesitate my answer. The design is done, its custom to the shower and pretty adorable. The fondant is mixed. Colors are all ready. The cakes? Were baked today. Oops. I’m a little behind my perfect schedule. But all within a reason, not laziness. We are totally up the wall busy at work so I didn’t have time to bake when I got home, let alone a shower so I can’t do both right? I opted for the shower BTW. So I of course took a couple of pictures, like I did for my bridal shower here, here, oh and here back in August. Lets get started shall we? I don’t want to bore you with my babbling.

Oh yes chocolate cake. Right now my house smells like divine sin. Seriously, it tastes like Devil’s Food! Since there is a pregnant woman involved in this shindig I didn’t add the coffee. Being safe here people.


They look so beautiful, like Miss America of chocolate cake. That little one is for me, I couldn’t not bake me up a little cake to taste! Yall are crazy!

My cakes are huge. Like legit monsters. I always tend to over-pour, but I like a lot of cake incase something is short. I did add the trays because one exploded and starting running over the pan edge. Oops. It had pooped in the oven lol.

But that is all for now friends, the rest is coming and the final cake won’t be seen till next week. Who am I kidding? I will have to show yall before I leave Metro-Atlanta.

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