Somehow My Life is On TV

This isn’t a new commercial, but its been playing a lot here in Savannah and every time it comes on my husband yells, “Oh Brooke you’re on TV again!” Like I’ve never seen it before. Whats worse is my mom called when she first saw it asking,”Did someone follow you around? Did Zach call someone telling them you never change your clothes?  Brooke, Tide Girl is named Brooke! You and Tide Brooke are the same person!” Wow. Thanks dear mother. But sadly, tis true. When I’m not a work, I’m in my dear yoga pants. I literally never change. The only time I wear real clothes is at work, on a date with Zach, or a family function. Even for a family function is has to be legit otherwise I’ll show up in my pants. Ha. So here is the story of my life, captured in 18 seconds!

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