First Month of Marriage

Good morning friends!

Well exactly one month ago I married my best friend, my husband. Its hard to believe its been a month already, time really has flown by. Zach and I just as happy as we were 3 years ago. But being married has changed the love for each other. We love each other a lot more, in different ways than before. For instance, things just seem easier as we go along with the week because we are supporting each other in whatever the other is doing. Like when I’m at GOTR he helps with dinner, when I know he had a difficult day I try to make his evening better by allowing him to relax and not do anything. We care of each other a lot more.

So one month in officially. Its going good! Things I’ve learned so far in 30 (31?) days of marriage:

  1. If you want something done right then, do it yourself. Don’t assume your spouse will automatically do the dishes right after dinner, he/she isn’t a mind reader.
  2. For one person’s definition of “clean” doesn’t always match the others.
  3. Don’t argue about not listening to each other, clearly you are listening if you’re arguing.
  4. Your money is now our money, especially if one makes a lot more than the other, but still pays for majority of stuff. Don’t make them purchase your stuff that you can buy yourself.
  5. Always say I love you.
  6. Have fun with each other, if you know what I mean. (hehe)

Zach and I have lived together for the whole time in our relationship, pre-marriage. Then we did things equally like switching off on dishes, laundry, etc. Any cleaning was done in switch-roles. Now that is not the case. We actually do cleaning on our own time. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but why must I get mad at him when I want something done then? Yep. Do it yourself.

Anyway, I was feeling creative and took some nice snap shots of our wedding bands with some wedding memorabilia . Enjoy!

Our wedding bands in the sugar flowers from our gorgeous wedding cake.

Zach’s written vows. They are truly beautiful, I am so blessed to have someone who cares for me so much.

My vows. Being the OCD-maniac that I am, I wrote mine then typed up the words to make them look beautiful. I was so excited to read these to Zach, I’m so honored to have read this to him. I love him oh so much.


2 thoughts on “First Month of Marriage”

  1. Aw this post really made me smile. Congrats on your first month together as a married couple! Your point – “always say I love you” – is so so SO important. I don’t tell the people I love that I love them enough. Your pictures are beautiful, love the rings.

    1. Thanks Christina! It’s definitely good to have a simple reminder, Zach and I just always say it but when we don’t or forget to I have this depressed feeling. So I always say it, but thank you! 🙂

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