Back to My Best

Hello friends! So feeling so inspired from the ING NYC Marathon that I am currently watching, I felt the need to share some good news. Well, good news to me. On Friday I ran my personal best months. Before I injured my left knee I was up to a 8:30 mile. Tearing that lateral tendon really messed up my gait, pace, everything. It took a month to be able to run a mile without pain. I couldn’t even imagine running more than that. Slowly the pain crept back and I was in a downfall of bad times (to me). I was running 2 miles in 25 minutes, 5K is 35-36 minutes. I was so disappointed in myself that I didn’t even want to run anymore. The emotional pain was the worst. After every run all I felt was failure. Honestly it was tough to see a good reason to continue. But, I kept going outside to run. Even when I hated it. I kept going. Why? I have no idea, could be habit or it could be something bigger. Say, determination or motivation? God had me out there for who knows why, but I’m glad I was out there.

My distance has also suffered. I was training for a 10K and was close to being fully there and thats when my pain was unbearable. I was up to 4 miles when this all happened. Since then the farthest I’ve gone is 5 miles, and that was once. Haven’t come close to that since. The reason? I wasn’t running the full miles. I had walk breaks, and don’t get me wrong I love walk breaks. I commonly reward myself with them when I reach my goal in my runs. But I was walking before 2 miles, I wasn’t even running a full mile. I know I should of stopped doing this to allow my knee to fully heal but I was not having that. To me, being outside was good enough and trying was the best I could do. An injury is something that can knock you down for the count and hold you there for a long time. This whole time running I’ve been re-training myself to run without stopping. Its extremely hard to get out of that thought process. But this had all changed on Friday. Well before I get to that I will explain that I’ve only been training for a 5K. Why? To run 3 miles without stopping is hard. To me it is, and once you conquer that you can add miles without much problem. So like I said I’ve been re-training myself.

So Friday I was running, my legs hurt and my whole body ached from Bikram Yoga. But I was outside. I was running, had my great music playing. I wasn’t focused on much really, just looking ahead and then I couldn’t feel my feet or legs anymore. I was just running. I love when you get just slip into your groove without noticing. Next thing I knew I was at one mile in 9:38. I let out a huge laugh, thinking yeah right. Nope it was true. The best part of all this? I maintained that pace and even picked up speed and time for the next mile. My pace was from 9:15″ to 9:30″ and I was thrilled. Its taken me a while to get back to being close to where I was. Its all about being committed to a goal. When I ran those 5 miles on my birthday, I at least ran it. I tried, but my pace wasn’t that great. I remember hitting one mile in 11 minutes. The next were from 10 minutes to 10:30 and I thought that was my personal best.

I’m slowly getting faster. I couldn’t be happier, I’m getting back mentally to where I know why I love running. Its been a struggle for a while, but I’m overcoming it. I still get up, hit that pavement, and go. Thats all I could ask for. To go and get there.


2 thoughts on “Back to My Best

  1. amandasvids says:

    Good for you….you hard work and great attitude are paying off! I am coming back after a knee injury and it feels so good to see progress:-) I am right there with you on that!

  2. Brooke says:

    Thank you! It is really gratifying to see your progress. For awhile you don’t notice, but then one day it just hits you that you can do it and you can do it like it was before. Glad you’re getting better!

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