Awesome Girls

So on Thursday it was my day for GOTR and sadly I’ve missed a couple due to hectic work oh and a wedding, but this week I was SUPER excited because it would be their first time running a full 5K! Needless to say some were just as excited as Coach Liz and I, some not so much. Thats normal, but when the time came to it they were all giddy. They were allowed to spray paint their hair with bright girly colors and have their “race markers” which included hearts, starts, GOTR!, and some other fun things. I got a cool GOTR!, a heart, and shooting star. Because I’m awesome. Plus I got my official GOTR shirt which was great because I wasn’t feeling the outfit I wore. Cotton candy pink shirt anyone?

Oh yeah. By the way, who else wears a hat with their sunglasses? To me its totally normal, but when I do this combo in the morning I get odd looks. I find it to be smart, one my hair stays in place and I’m not getting sun in my eyes. Those other runners must be jealous because they aren’t fly like me. So yes, pre-GOTR…

After. Woohoo I got my shirt! I am very proud of this thing. I love my Thursdays, the best day of the week. Those girls are great motivation and just so darn funny. The lessons seem to be for adults too…ironic.

Anyway, the girls all did a fantastic job! I was so proud of each one, they kept a good pace and time for never doing this before. 12 laps was 3.1 miles, so after every 4 laps they were rewarded with a necklace and cup of Gatorade. Plus we used super cool stamps and marked up their arms with them 🙂 Our first place was to a sweet girl who finished n 43 minutes. Thats around 14/ish” pace. Awesome for a girl who never ran that long before! The girls had 50 minutes to finish and most finished within the time. Having girl spirit and tons of support from all the girls (and coaches, parents, everyone!) helped those finish strong. Thats what Girls on the Run is all about. One of our girls had her brother run with her, which was allowed (the parents were also offered to run and most did) and his sister was the last one and we all joined her on her last lap cheering her on and he goes, “if thats not motivation, I don’t know what is.” Exactly. Thats what we are here for, to motivate and encourage these beautiful girls to achieve that goal. I was a proud running buddy.

Look at those girls go! Such a wonderful day. Afterwards we got snacks, my second favorite part. Today we had the tiniest apples I’ve ever seen. I had to snap a photo before I ate it up.

That is the cutest piece of fruit. Ever. Its so tiny and my car key looks so large, along with my hand. It tasted oh so good. So if you were wondering what my racing markers looked like, I will gladly show you. Its probably the best body mark I’ve seen..truly my favorite.

Go Girls on the Run! So proud of them and their first 5K. Cannot wait for the actual race in December.

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