Balanced Week 2

Last week I posted about the financial stability program going on at our church, that was week 1. We are now onto week 2. This week was a little different in the sense it wasn’t about your family as a whole, but yet as yourself and what you want to do to get stability for your family. Its mostly about financial decision-making.

“What are you trying to accomplish with your money?” Good question. I’m trying to accomplish is paying off my huge student loan(s) and saving to open my bakery. Two things that seem impossible to do at the same time. But its a goal. That is the focus, a goal. Our financial practices are driven by our goals. Here are some financial goals some or you might have:

Is your goal to provide for your family?

Is your goal to save as much money as you can?

Is your goal to give as much as you can? (I really like this one)

All of these are honorable goals, ones that you can stick to and its for you but provides for your families future. Why wouldn’t we to provide for our families? Or give or save money? Makes sense to me. What is the one thing that should drive our personal finances? The Bible makes it clear that one thing, that one objective, that one goal, should be. To honor God.

We read 1 Chronicles 29:14. “But who am I, who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from You, and we have given You only what comes from your hand.” So beautiful. So honest and true.

Our objective should be to live with our hands open before God believing that we should honor Him with everything we have. Its choosing to live with the mentality of God’s instead of mine. Its to believe all your talents and gifts and skills ultimately come from God. Choosing to allow your personal finances to be driven with one thing in mind-honoring God.

To start, there is a simple prayer to move us forward, “God, show me how to honor You with everything I have.”

Your goal is whatever you make it, but make it to honor God. Allow yourself to achieve it and thank Him for getting you there. Whatever it may be, however you get it done it was with Him helping so honor Him in the end to show your gratitude.


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