Talk About a Race

What did your Saturday look like? Sleeping in, lounging around in sweats, possibly running outside? Sounds nice…mine was nothing like that. In fact, mine didn’t come close to any of the above. My Saturday was spent with this…

Racing. Racing of BMW’s, Porsche, and Ferrari. You know my 3 favorite European cars, plus they are some sexy cars. That car above is an E46 M3, just like Zach’s…but his isn’t that color or a race car. Its no joke when I say my husband loves BMW. Ask him why he loves it and he will tell you. 1) he went to school for BMW 2) he works for Critz BMW 3) we own 2, a super-fast-expensive-no joking around-car and the sedan. Guess which one is mine?! (the awesomely cool sedan!) Zach lives for this type of stuff, and I find it pretty cool too. There are certain cars I swoon over, like someone please buy me my dream Porsche Cayenne S or the fabulous X6 M. Mama needs her a sports-car-sport utility vehicle.

But I’ll stick with my 325i. Its our “daily driver” as is I drive it to work, and running my errands and then we drive it around for wherever we are going, and yes Zach drives. I love being driven around.

Back on track! (no pun intended)

We spent our time on Hutchinson Island at the race track behind the Westin Savannah Harbor for the Savannah Speed Classic. This is a nice track, I actually attempted a race here myself, but sadly got sick on mile 2 and had to quit. Boo. But I’m sure they cleaned up my gift on turn 2. This Saturday was all about doing something Zach really cares about, and as his wife that makes me what to do this too. I like cars, super fast ones. Its too bad that they are all manual, which sucks.

This is me, trying to act like a race car driver’s wife, and this is my race car driver husband..we are so good looking.


Direct quote from Zach, “Now all I need is a race car.” Me, “you already have one pretty much.” Zach, “I know.” Seriously?! Come on now, you goob. That is his dream, to turn a car..specifically a E46 M3 (oh like the one he already owns) into an actual track car ($$$ but its his dream, like mine is owning and opening a boutique bakery $$$ haha).

We actually had a great time, really did. Our favorite part? Going on the track to race and drift! It was the most crazy experience in my life. We had a blast.

This is the car Zach went in, he claimed Joey Hand’s car so I got the M3 sedan…he got the M3 coupe.

Beautiful!  Not gonna lie, I was scared for my life in the beginning. And of course I took some video footage (after I knew I wasn’t going to die), and yes I am screaming and talking..a lot..and my driver was also pretty impressed with a new move he tried, thanks for saving it with me!

It was one of the biggest events held there and plus the views are beautiful. Who doesn’t love a Savannah River view? And again, really nice cars. I’m sure one of those owners could pay off both of our school loans and not even feel a dent in their wallet.

I hope your Saturday was just as good as ours. I’m sure it didn’t include car racing, or Ferrari but hopefully it was just as fun.

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Talk About a Race”

  1. I love fast cars too! And I loved this post (especially the video!). Looks like you had an absolute blast, girl. So jealous! 😉 Ps- you do the ‘race car driver’s wife’ look well. Not even joking. 🙂

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