Date Nights

Its a special thing for us to go out. Zach and I are super cheapo’s and newlyweds. Money is uber important to us. We try to save as much as we can and one way of doing so it staying in and not going out to dinner a lot. But when the time comes to head out for a nice meal, we do it big. Most of the time 😉 but this past Friday we went somewhere I’ve never been…Macaroni Grill.

Never been, and wanted to go. Plus we had a “mystery” card from Critz so the timing was good. We arrived early, like 7:45 and had to wait for 30 minutes. Every couple in Savannah appeared to be there. So we walked over to Barnes and Noble and got some goodies, magazines and Godiva. After reading the latest gossip and munching at almonds and chocolate it was time for dinner. Plus I was freezing! I wanted to eat to warm up.

So we were seated and started with their bread and olive oil.

The olive oil was delicious! I love a quick pesto dip, but this was just olive oil and cracked black pepper. Now I know this isn’t fine dining, it will never top my love for 45 bistro or The Olde Pink House, but it was a nicer place than the traditional Garden of Olives, aka Olive Garden. After stuffing our faces with bread, which was so yummy we ordered an app. Hello adult guilty pleasure, mac & cheese fried bites.

Oh yumm-o. I loved these, the truffle oil sauce was also too good for words. Again, its Macaroni Grill but I must say so far, I love it. I wanted something healthy, like a beastly salad to counter-act with the fried dough sitting in my stomach. Enter, bibb and blue salad. The best part of this was the pickled red onion. Pickled red onion!

Big salad, more like a cereal bowl full of lettuce. Still really good. I ate it all..and was still hungry. What can I say I love food and love to eat it even more. Glad this was smaller because this was coming my way…

Mushroom ravioli and caramelized onions on top of gooey cheese. I inhaled this. Even Zach couldn’t keep his fork away from my plate, which is crazy because my man had this in front of his face..

Shrimp flatbread. It was so good. A little spicy, but the sauce was awesome. Couldn’t believe it came from a restaurant like Macaroni Grill.

All the food was delicious, like I said I was surprised. The food was a lot better than what the price was. So Macaroni Grill is good in my book, besides for the price its a great deal!


2 thoughts on “Date Nights

    • Brooke says:

      I know, its always best to eat sweets before a meal, then you can enjoy it without being full! And yes those little bites where the best part. The truffle oil was also delicious, I could of eaten that alone lol!

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