My Nike Mini


Yes, this is my Mini. Big sunglasses and all. Here I she is closer

I have named her. Mini B. She is active, as you can see and she is an exercise-aholic. Like the girl loves to run and nothing else…besides rocking some totally cool shades. She too loves to run in ridiculously large sunglasses.

Oh the fun you can have on Nike+, Mini B is supposed to be my motivation. We shall see! Either way, its pretty funny. My favorite feature is the resemblance in sunglasses. Love!

Do you have silly tools that push you in your exercise? I can only see Mini B when I log into Nike+ but its awesome to see her smiling!

3 thoughts on “My Nike Mini

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks! So far I love it, I have the sensor in my shoe, and it just sends the info to the site. Hopefully it doesn’t die…but I like seeing the progress!

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