Review on Nike Pro Combat’s

Running in capri’s or pants is weird. I almost always feel constricted. So hunting down a good pair is a challenge. I browsed almost every brand of running gear. Ironically I always fell back on the Nike ones. I just prefer their apparel for one most of their women’s wear is made with Dri-Fit is which a moisture wicking material. And the price is decent. Plus, I have the Tempo shorts, Legends tanks, and sports bras. All fabulous items that are holding up quite well. So choosing the Nike Pro Combat Core Capri’s was easy.

Putting them on was weird, the material is crazy. But man these are super soft! I kept rubbing circles on my thighs, could not stop.

Last night I went for another run, I ran Wednesday night too…but that didn’t go according to plan because I was trying to save a little black dog, I chased him for 1.5 miles at a 7:38 pace…my fastest high winds/cold temp’s…to save a stray dog! I literally was running in on-coming traffic trying to have this dog veer off from the road. The kind people of Georgetown all were helping, but I was the only one running after this animal. So I redeemed myself last night to fully try out the Nike’s. Plus I got my new Nike LunarGlide +3 in yesterday too (my awesome present from my husband, he knows his way to my heart..with new running shoes) so I was ready to tackle this killer run. FYI: I didn’t know how muscular my legs looked until I saw myself in these pants.

The run? It. Was. Awesome! The pants are so light-weight. I hardly noticed them, which is weird. I didn’t feel like I was running pant-less, I promise. But you can feel the shorts, but these nope. Very pleased. They are also much easier to stretch in, especially mid-run. Do you stretch mid-run? My calves start to cramp so before that doubles me over, I stretch. So the run was easy breezy, my type of run. It could of been pure excitement about the shoes, but I’m giving the credit to both the shoes and pants. This is how glorious I look after a run…

Tired? Yes. Loving the pants? Hell yeah! Nike Pro’s are awesome, I highly recommend them. So comfortable, I would order another pair, but from other reviews the other colors are a tad thanks. But I probably would order some more black ones, even the longer length’s.

The shoes? Amazing! Since my Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 are close to their end, over 100+ miles on those bad boys, it was time to look for something to add to the family. The gel in them is low, support is barely there. I love them, truly do..but I didn’t pronate before I got them, I started to a couple of months ago. Bad sign! So looking for a new shoe, I was very interested the new LunarGlide’s coming out. They are designed for pronator’s, like me! They are so light. So supportive in the right places. And the color’s are cool. Zach got me the best birthday present ever, they definitely helped me, my legs and ankles didn’t hurt as bad and the run was smoother.

How was your run? What type of gear do you use? Shoe brands you love/wanna try?


2 thoughts on “Review on Nike Pro Combat’s”

  1. Yes the Nike clothes are killer! I love all the ones I have, and yes I do love my Asics, but sadly they had me over pronating..but I might rotate the shoes once in a while. They are still the best shoe brand no doubt.

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